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New symptoms...9dpo

so yesterday i noticed a White cm. it has no odor no am i itchy.. it is think and not stretchy almost like if you take a dab of lotion and put it between your fingers and pull them apart.. looks kinda like that... No spotting yet but some cramping today. my nausea had gone away for a day or so and now its back its back again.. being only 9dpo i know it still could be too early for implantation but im trying to stay optimistic.. anyone else with these symptoms.. also noticing my eyes are changing color as well any one else hear of this being a symptom.

Lou C.

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Yes! Increased creamy cervical mucus is a good sign. That was my only symptom with my first pg'cy before I tested +. I felt "flowy" and was sure my period was starting, but it was just that crazy CM!

5 years ago

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