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Working night shift

This is all very new to me... and it's the first time ever that I will be attempting to track my BBT. I understand the rationale for checking it every day at the same- however, when is the most appropriate time to check it in my situation when I am working 12-hour night shifts? I would imagine to take my temp as soon as I wake up when I am working, however, then, what time do I test when I'm not working? It's very hard adjusting my sleep patterns back and forth and I just want to try to do this as accurately as possible. Any adivce would be great- thanks!

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I work night shift as well. I take my temp as soon as I get up wether I woked or not. The times are not even close, but it's the best I can do given the circumstances. Just make sure you've had at least 4 hours of continuous sleep. And try to take it at the same times when your schedule allows. For example - on my days off I always take my temp at 7:00 am and when I work at 4:00 pm. Hope his helps. Good luck!

5 years ago

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