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Looking for cycle buddy...AF is due anyday now

This will be month #2 of TTC and I'm very confident that this is the month for my DH and I to conceive. Would anyone like to be my cycle buddy so we can help encourage each other and share our stories with one another....?

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My AF is due any day now as well... I have been trying for two months as well. I have been using ovulation tests. I am 35 and my husband is 40 so I am scared about infertility issues. I am now at 12 dop and waiting for my AF. It should be here Wed. or Thurs. I am still learning all the ins and outs of this whole process. It is rather intimidating and overwhelming at times! I would be happy to share journeys......

7 years ago

I would have loved to be buddies, but i got a BFN this morning and AF usually shows up tonight.
And i am also in my second cycle TTC

DS 2/16/09 Wanting #2 by the end of this year...

7 years ago

Good luck to you! I am fairly confident that AF is going to show up tommorrow for myself....... Next time will be our months!!!

7 years ago

Yay thanks for the replies ladies , I'm so excited that I have others to share this journey with. I'm new to this site and to TTC, but I'm so excited though. My husband is 31 and i just turned 27 a week ago. AF may be delayed by a day or two because I was taking progesterone suppositories which i vow to never take again because of the side effects. I've never be so anxious for AF to start, I'm ready to give it another try and hopefully this will be the month.

Questions ladies so when its time for you to ovulate do you plan to do the BD on all your fertile days? Just trying to ensure we are maximizing all are chances, i would love to hear your thoughts or plans.

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Honestly, we aren't up to every night on fertile days, what I have done so far is tell my hubby when I get a faint positive line on the ovulation test and we BD that day then the day there is a strong positive and ideally the 24 hours after... that is what they suggest. If you can and your hubby is up for it BD everyday you are fertile and the day after you ovulate is probably the best effort there is.... They say the more sperm you have in store for when you ovulate the best chance you have! I am going to try to take robitussin this cycle because I use to work as a pharmacy technician and I know that it thins mucus (usually for colds) but for women when they ovulate it thins your cm and therefore helps the swimmers get to the egg easier- It can't hurt!

Let us know how it goes for you and when you expect to ovulate.... I still haven't gotten AF but it should be here tommorrow then I think I will be ovulating on the 19th..

7 years ago

Hi ladies,

Im also waiting for AF to show her ugly face anytime soon. I suffer with PCOS so I might not even see her this month at all without being pregnant talk about making my life hard

Although saying that I do have a lot of the symptoms that are mention but DH believes I'm searching way too far into it.

3 BFN's so far so going to restrain myself and do another one on saturday.

Lets keep our fingers crossed.

7 years ago

@cjpalaska i want to give the robitussin a try I have heard a few other ladies mention that in other forums. Is there a certain brand or kind I need to get and when should i start taking it and how much should i take? I hope I'm not asking too many questions but I'm trying to go in with full force this time..lmbo.

I hope i start today, I'm already some days late I'm not sure by how many days the progesterone suppositories can delay one, but I know its messing with my O days, but I will try not sweat it and continue to think positive. But hopefully AF comes today. Also, I think we will try the BD every fertile day and rest on the day of the trigger shot.

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@faiirydust good luck and keep us posted!

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AF today as expected for me; I am trying to give it my all so to speak this month also... I just keep learning all kinds of new things from this forum thanks to everyone sharing things... and looking things up on my own as well.... I read about the robitussin and from my own experience working in the pharmacy this is what I will do; You can take either liquid; Robitussin brand (make sure it is the plain with no other additives for other symptoms or ingredients) the ingredient you want is called guafeneisen..... the liquid is only good for about 4 hours; so theroretically you would have to take it no sooner than 4 hours before you BD; but I am going to buy the tablets (guafenesien) that are called Mucinex (again the plain; no other ingredients) extended release because they last every 12 hours and you only have to take one. They suggest to take one twice a day then for your five fertile days..... That is what I am going to try this month. I have also been taking soy isoflavones supplements on day 3 to 6 of my cycle this is suppose to help with estrogen and egg production; can't hurt now that I am 35!!! Let me know if this helps....

7 years ago

@ cjpalaska thanks for the info that was very informative, I think I will gave that a try next month if for some reason I do not conceive this month. Thanks a million for the information!!

So, AF finally showed up yesterday. I go to the doc's office tomorrow for my sonogram, I'm ready to rock and roll. So I believe that the 16-18th are my fertile days and my O day is the 19th but I'm sure this will change b/c I will be given the trigger shot days before which will move up my O date by a few days.

So cjpalaska looks like our AFs showed up on the exact days for us..yayy!! Last time around I only did the BD the day before O and the day of O b/c that's what i was told by the doc. But when i go to the office tomorrow I'm going to ask if i should do the BD on all my fertile days and after O day. I really want this to be a successful month.

Hey cjpalaska are the 16-18 th our fertile days b/c that's the time frame a website gave me but my an app on my phone shows 14-18th as being my fertile days? I'm so excited as if you can't tell....lmbo:)

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