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We Are In This Together! AF came right around Christmas!

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OK... AF came the day after Christmas! That witchy woman!

Any friends want to join this thread? Lets support eachother by keeping it light and being together for the next month. The whole idea is to take the stress off of our shoulders! If we are too stressed out... It just won't happen! We need eachother. I will check this thread daily and chime in. I promise to be supportative like a sister! I am here and would love a few friends to join me on this journey :)

Let's be positive and let's do it!

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Hope, why would your husband say no?? That's strange to me! Is it cost? I don't know the cost of an IVF. Hopefully he will come around and you guys can get that done!

7 years ago

Hope, is hubby saying no because of the cost or because he just doesn't like the idea? I don't know about other insurance companies, but I am under Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan (I am in Ohio, but corporate for where we work is in Detroit) and a girl I work with had IVF and it was covered by our insurance! She is due with TRIPLET GIRLS (they gave her three and all three took) in April, but they will likely induce her in March. Just a thought if cost may be the issue.

I didn't really introduce myself. I am from northeast Ohio and 29 years old. Hubby is 34. We got married on the two year anniversary of our first date this past October. I have a 9 year old boy from a previous marriage and hubby has no children. We both are UAW workers for one of the Big 3 automakers (but we met long before working at the plant together, just did not start dating until then).

It simply amazes me how my son was such a surprise because I was on bc and now I am having trouble trying to do this on purpose. I swear trying to do something on purpose and failing at it is so frustrating when most people achieve the result I want on accident. Grrrr....


7 years ago

Hope, check with your insurance company... Some will cover the first round of IVF. Is he concerned about the money or maybe he wants to try naturally? Maybe he needs to be educated on the process... If you could just get him to go to the doctor with you to hear what the doctor has to say. This is all so complicated, ya know? Who knows what is going on in his head. My husband has been fine, but didn't understand why I cried when AF came. They just are different creatures.

Corvina, I made my daughter on my honeymoon two years ago... We were RELAXED and totally care free... We ate, drank, played and BDed whenever we wanted... It was super fun... Last month was a nightmare for me. We were like two machines... I actually think at one point I rolled my eyes and told him just to "drop them and let's go." LOL!!! Hence, my previous post... We HAVE to chill out and let this happen... Next week should be time to BD... I think I am going to make dinner reservations, drink some wine and get down to it :) I am excited about it! I have to have some fun with this.... Last month was just plain old annoying and I had NO fun with him.

Pookie, I love Express.

BTW I am 32 years old and I have a daughter who is my world... I am a third grade teacher, but would much rather be a stay at home mommy...

Forgive any spelling mistakes :)

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Bianca, I agree..we basically were like, "okay, it's time to stick it in." Nothing romantic and half the time, there was never even a kiss involved. TTC takes the fun out of sex, but like you, I vow to make a difference. For example, hubby loves when I'm nice and tan. I kinda gave it up a few months ago( I turn 30 this year)to save myself from years of alligator skin, but tomorrow I'm going to start tanning here and there, workin on my bod and hopefully it'll be a little easier to BD this month.

And you and the planet LOVE Express. Best brand around. I've been with them for 10 years so I'm also partial. ;)

7 years ago

tanning is a good idea...
I am going out tomorrow night...
A quick tan might do me good... I am such a pale drag right now. BTW the best rub on is Loreal Sublime... If you want to do without the bed... My face... I need to save the skin on my face. I don't want to get old. LOL

Corvina, my husband palyed football at Kent State... In your hood right? :)

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I am Golden Flash, haha. I did not finish at Kent, I finished at Youngstown State, but two years there, nonetheless. Sad, I make more at GM than I would with my degree.

Anyhow, I completely feel you ladies on the whole "no romance" thing. Last month, I wanted so badly to be pregnant for Christmas, everything was a calculated procedure. Not even cuddling because a girl at work (who has twins) told me to put my legs up on the headboard IMMEDIATELY after for half an hour. It is not like I did not enjoy the five days straight of sex, but I didn't exactly love it completely either because there are so many other things I would have liked to do, but they are not conducive (and may hinder) the entire babymaking procedure. I think my biggest problem is I am too much of a an intellectual. If I want to know about something or want to achieve some type of goal, I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on pertaining to that subject and it takes a lot of fun out of things because I end up with the mindset of "this is the RIGHT way and I am going to do this the right way." It didn't work for me trying to be a "textbook parent" when my son was born, so I don't undderstand why I keep up with this behavior. It is almost torturous, lol.

As for tanning, I do have to put my two bits in, haha. I am Italian (father born in Italy) and tan VERY nicely. I was a daily tanner until I had a patient when I was working at a long term care facility several years back with head to toe melanoma. It was from his personal tanning bed at home. He found two spots on his back and went to the doctor about it. It was already too late because it had metasticized and went into his bones. Within two months, it had spread over his entire body and he came to us for hospice care. Seeing the pain that he was in made me quit tanning for good and even become an spf junkie (sunblock all year and my makeup has spf in it). I went spray tanning and it looked REAALLY nice and the best part was, I only had to go once every two weeks or so. Two years ago, I was sitting with my family at dinner for my sister's 21st birthday. We had balloons on the table that said Happy 21st. I went outside the resteraunt with my mom's boyfriend to smoke a cigarette and a man commented that I only had iced tea in front of me and offered to buy me my first legal shot (I was 27 at the time). I laughed and I told him I was 27 and he looked at me in disbelief. I told him it was my sister's birthday, the girl next to me and he said she looks about 35. She double tans. Since a salon will only let you tan once a day and only for so long, she buys two packages, tans at one place, goes to the other and tans again right after. At 23, she aleardy has deep lines around her eyes and blotches from sun damage around her hairline. I may have naturally black hair and olive skin, but I will have pale olive skin and still get carded for a beer at almost 30 instead of looking 40 or dying in a hospice facility of something I did to myself.


7 years ago

Hi Ladies,

Hubby isn't worried about money with IVF. He has more than enough "toys" motorcylces, boats, so he wouldnt dare make it about money. I never want anything. This is all I wanted. And you guys are right insurance pays about 75% of it. We kind of agreed when we got married to have one, I have an 11 year old daughter and though hubby is great with kids he worries about raising them and getting it right so now he's all like well if it didn't happen naturally then thats what was meant to be. I'm sorry I dont accept that when there is one more thing we can do. I struggle with the whole life is "unfair" thing as I see everyone else get pregnant without an issue. GRRR..We did get a little further in our convos so we'll see.

BTW, since he has made this declaration of its not meant to be I have decided fine then we do not need to be BDing anymore.. :) LOL. I will probably give in around OV, you know hoping for that miracle and all.

As for tanning.. maybe I will go do that today. A little fake sun never hurt in making someone feel a little better.. LOL.

Hang in there ladies.. I'm enjoying this little team we have going on... :)

7 years ago

Happy New Year Chickies!! I'm CD 3 today and would like to POAS. Lmao. Sick obsession. Though 7 days from now I'll start with my Clearblue Digi OPK's. OH! And last night I purchased pre-seed and preggo tests on Amazon. I am SO pumped to try this pre-seed. I lack CM mucus while trying, so my husband and I decided we needed some "help." Btw, I laughed for like an hour while searching Amazon..did you know that they have an extensive sex section!? Like swings and all...

Anyway, Corvina...thank you for the tanning story..I am totally aware of that scary stuff and know way too many people who have melanoma..I should know better..So, the spray tan...does it look as good!? It cost like a million dollars more..but, worth my health.

What are you guys up to tonight? We are having drinks at home.

7 years ago

Happy New Years Girls!
Last night we sent my daughter to Grandma and Grandpa's and hosted a party at my house. At 10:00 we walked down to a bar in town... I had way too much fun and am paying for it in a serious way. I hope that was the last time I will get tipsy for a while. LMAO!
Really, I never drink - Ever since I had my daughter I have really "grown up."- Not really, but I do drink much less.
Today is CD6 for me and hubby and I are starting to practice... Every other day, but I am trying my hardest to keep it light and fun...
I have a little bit of EWCM today and have some funny cramping... What is that all about?!?
You know, on the months when I am not trying I seem to know my body VERY well... I know exactly what is going on... Then when I try, I feel so out of wack...Like I have no idea what the F is going on... Anyone else have this?
I am so tired... I need to go to bed... Gosh, I hope my daughter sleeps through the night.
xo, until tomorrow!

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Pookie... Try Loreal Sublime. You can get it at CVS, Walgreens or any other drug store. Just make sure you exfoliate really good (I use those gloves) then put lotion on your skin, then apply the rub on tan. It is like $9... I love this stuff and all of my girlfriends are big fans!

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