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We Are In This Together! AF came right around Christmas!

OK... AF came the day after Christmas! That witchy woman!

Any friends want to join this thread? Lets support eachother by keeping it light and being together for the next month. The whole idea is to take the stress off of our shoulders! If we are too stressed out... It just won't happen! We need eachother. I will check this thread daily and chime in. I promise to be supportative like a sister! I am here and would love a few friends to join me on this journey :)

Let's be positive and let's do it!

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DUH, I'm in Bianca..the next month should be fun!!

7 years ago

I am in. AF came for me on the 27th. The BFN on Christmas morning sucked because I was so sure we timed everything right. I am prepared. I ordered opk's and hpt's from a site one of my friends told me about called or something like that. They were REALLY inexpensive and the hpt is super senstive. It is rated at testing for 10ml unlike most of the ones you buy at the store that are rated for 15-20 at the lowest. I have never used opk's so I have NO idea when to start taking them, but I am sure the company will send me instructions (I hope). This will be our month darnit!!! Babydust to all.


7 years ago

Welcome Corvina! :) I start using my OPK's on CD 9...also, DO NOT use your FMU. I have never gotten my first positive with it. Test around 2pm through 9pm. :)

Let's try and be the first thread to all get our BFP's at the same time!

7 years ago

I'm sooo in. I am 2 days late, two BFNs....but I just know AF is going to start tomorrow.

We all seem to be on or around the same cycle.

Sounds like fun!

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7 years ago

I am not so sure about which cycleday to start because my cycles are shorter than the average cycle. They are only 25 days long. I do not want to miss my window. I do know that you will see a line on the opk even if you are not yet ovulating and it has to match up with the one on the control. Does the fainter line mean that you are closer to o and you should start bd when you get a faint line or wait until you get one that is as dark as the sample?


7 years ago

Hiya Girls..AF showed up on the 28th...I'd like to hang out w/your group if that's ok. I'm 39 and I live in Alabama...How about you?

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7 years ago

Hello Ladies... Well it looks like we have quite a group here. I am so happy to know that I am not alone. This can be so disheartening and it is even worse when you feel like you have no one to talk to. Our husbands mean well, but they will never know ;)

So this morning I went to the gym... My doctor suggested I return to my workout schedule as this may help to destress and regulate my system. I am a schoool teacher in NY and have this week off. Next week, my husband agreed to come home early a few days early and I will go to the gym at night... Anyway, after I worked out I deciede to treat myself by sitting in the steam room. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the day that was ahead of me...

I think it is important to take time out every day for your self. Take some time to reflect and breathe... Think about the "high" of your day and carry on your positive attitude.

I am going to try to really love myself this month and I hope all of you will join me :)

Well today is CD4 for me so I have a bit of time, but this is important time for all of us... Time to get back to feeling great and reconnecting with the most important person... YOU!!

I am glad all of you are here. Feel good and have a great day!

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sorry for all of the spelling errors! Did I say I was a teacher!?! LOL!!

7 years ago • Post starter

Ha ha Bianca! Great way to set an example w/ all the spelling errors! Lol..jk. My iPad spell checks everything,so I must be as grammatically correct as possible or it spells crazy words!

Anyway, I agree with loving yourself first. When I'm TTC, I sit at home and obsess, forget to go to the gym, eat a little worse and I feel like my life revolves around the pee stick and the symptoms. I've clearly gotten nowhere with the worrying and have gained some holiday weight which to my sexy hubby who keeps in shape, is probably less than desirable. Let's all make it our New Years resolution to be fit, healthy, and RELAXED and ready to baby make when the time comes. :)

@Corvina, I gave up on the "reading of the lines" a bit ago. I use the Clearblue Easy Digital which gives me a smiley face when positive. but, I do know that yes, your control line must be closer to the test line in terms of darkness. There will always be a faint line, but once you see it getting darker, it okay to start BD'ing. I actually O like 3 to 4 days after a smiley face. So, we start BD'ing the day I see it, than this cycle we need to make sure every other day till almost the end of my cycle. I always stop way too soon, hence the reason why I am currently preggo-less. Lol...don't assume you ovulate like the text books say. :) I hope that helps.

@Monty, welcome, sister!! I love that Bianca started this. We'll have fun. So, where are all you ladies from, again!? I'm from Illinois and I'm the GM of an EXPRESS store. Yayy for the holidays being OVER. Lol

7 years ago


I got mine xmas day... what a present.. it was 4 days late and I was sooo hoping that maybe I was pregnant. I found out this month my tubes are all screwed up and I need IVF and had a fight with hubby who has said NO. So I was soo hoping that maybe I could of miraculously got pregnant.

I'm hoping to convince him this month its the right thing to do in the meantime I will be right along with you guys despite knowing I have a slim chance..

I'll still have all the symptons.. and I'll still test.. SIGH..

Good luck ladies!!!!

7 years ago

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