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Ovulation and IUI TODAY! Buddy anyone?

Had my second round of clomid and then IUI and ovulation today! I actually got to see the swimmers via ultrasound inside my cool! the egg has dropped, so we are really hoping this one takes! 13 days til testing and I may go crazy! could really use a buddy who is close to ovulating today!

Baby dust to all!

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Hi hoping :)

I O on 27th according to OPK. That is so great you actually had a chance to see when it was happening :))
I was on Clomid for 2 cycles but last month I did not get a chance to see my doctor on time to start taking Clomid this month.
So I guess this month is very small chance, but still a chance :)
We were using instead soft cups this month. Day after I got + for O, when I took soft cup out I noticed a small tiny drop of blood. Could be a good sign of egg being released, without Clomid.
Can't wait :-)
I had a dream about my baby--it was such a great happy feeling...
For how long are you trying? Any symptoms so far? haha it is funny how I got symptoms every month, but I swear I feel them :))
ANyway this one is really different-I do not even know if 2DPO there is any but today I got a chocolate bar and OMG it tasted like a soap!!! Thought I will trow up. My husband and daughter tried it and they said it was just fine. :))
Sorry for such a long post.

Baby dust :)) Keep us posted......about all changes --symptoms--- That is great we can compare and hope together :)))

7 years ago

I have been trying for about 6 months now, and this is our second month of IUI + Clomid! I am really hopeful....last time I had two eggs, but it didn't take...this time only one, but they felt good about it cuz they could see that my egg had released and that the swinners were in there! I wanted to lay there all day with that ultrasound up my--- and watch it all happen! It was so cool!

This all happened on I guess I am 4 DPO? I always get confused if I should count Monday as day 1 or 0?

I hope you implanted and that you start having symptoms soon! I haven't had any symptoms at all this time, but last time I swore I had a you just never know! I'm trying not to get too excited this time...I get to test on my Birthday Jan 7th! I'll let you know!

Keep me posted on all your symptoms too! I like having a buddy!

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7 years ago • Post starter

OMG January 7th is my husband's BDay :)) I could give him the best bday present ever!!! Wrapped + preg. test :))

I always count the day of O as 0, but not sure if that's right.
Hoping4first I will pry for both of us. Will definitely let you know if any changes, and you do the same please.

It is really strange how we can feel so close and had never and will never meet :))

Big cyber hug.

7 years ago

Well, Jan 7th must be a good day! Let's hope we can give both our hubby's a + preg test! For his birthday and for mine!

I'm praying for both of us as well! I think if day of O is 0, then I really shouldnt test until the 8th (Elvis' Birthday by the way) lol...But I am at least gonna give the 7th a try!!

Actually, I want to test everyday! I'm test happy....enjoy peeing on sticks I guess! :-)

Today I have had some weird feelings of fullness in my lower tummy, but not really cramps or bloating....and I haven't had much to eat yet so it's not like I'm too full or anything. and I had a bit of food aversion today too! I usually love salad, and I sat to eat one and totally had to spit out the first bite! That is weird for me!!

Now I don't know what I want for late lunch....Its like nothing sounds good to me today!

How about you? How are you feeling today?? Anything new or unusual going on??

Hugs and love and prayers to you!!

buby dust and sticky vibes!


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7 years ago • Post starter

Happy New Year !!

What's up Hoping? Any new symptoms? This month for me is the symptomsless one!! Can't believe I am not feeling any :(
Will test on the 6th, day before my husband's Bday, and hopefully give him the best gift ever :)

Hoping please let me know the news, how you're doing...I am praying for us

7 years ago

ovulating 2day, im really tired. hoping we can all get a BFP in two wks , cant wait

7 years ago

I'm not having any symptoms this month either! Tender bbs since Sunday, but that could just be my regular PMS...then today, have had loose bowels (sorry TMI) I'm usually always contipated, so it's unusual for me...but that could just be PMS too! I'm so confused!!!

Good luck on the 6th!! I hope you get BFP!!!!!

I'm still gonna wait til the 7th since that will be 11 DPO and my bday!

Baby dust, sticky vibes and happy bday to the hubby!

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Thanks Hoping!! :)) Happy bday to you too - and with your test.
So, no symptoms ha? hmm..that could be a good sign :) Every other month I DID have a lots of them and nothing.

Take care â?¥

7 years ago

Thanks Senchi!! Please let me know what your results are on Thursday!! I'm excited for you! How are you feeling? Any symptoms at all? I have been tired this time...but wondering if that is just holiday stress?

If this IUI doesn't work, I may ask the doc if we can try IVF instead!

Good luck sweetie!!

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Senchi, I know you are testing today!! I am thinking of you and praying hard for BFP!!

Good luck! Let me know please!

I am just not feeling it this month for me....Testing tomorrow and then again on Sunday if negative tomorrow.....

Keep me posted girl!

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