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Very painful IUI. Can I take painkillers?

I had my second IUI this morning and am in serious pain. Will taking painkillers like nurofen affect the outcome? Last time we did IUI I was in so much pain the doctor said I could take Nurofen and I didn't fall pregnant so I'm really nervous to take it this time!

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I do not have an answer for you but nobody told me iui's could cause pain! Why does it cause pain like that? I hope you get relief soon and your bfp asap!

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Thanks! I asked my doctor and apparently the prostate gland can cause the sperm to give some women really bad cramps and I guess I'm one of them! Luckily I'm not straight or that'd be a real problem;) I must have it really bad because he washed the sperm before the IUI too! It's also quite an invasive procedure because they go right into the uterus and they can scrape and bump so easily. It took 2 days for the pain to go away. Thank goodness today I'm back to normal!

Thanks for the reply!

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