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Ttc in 2017

Happy New Year everyone.
Been trying to find all the regulars from the 2016 thread but can't find anyone so thought I'd update in the hope some would drop in for a chat.
Welcome to anyone ttc in 2017, this is going to be the year of for everyone! I look forward to celebrating with each of you xx

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Hello Kerzie,
Happy New Year! I hope you are well - and yes, may 2017 be a year of many, many BFPs.

1 year ago

Hello Ladies glad to join you all this year . Baby dust to everyone !!

1 year ago

Hi everyone! TTC 2.5 years now with my first fertility appointment in a month, really excited for this and almost can't believe it's happening and it's only the appointment, lol. So bigger news than this and I will be through the roof with excitement! Really hoping this is all our year! Happy 2017!

We're having a baby!!!

1 year ago

What an exciting start to the new year for you! How bad are the injections? I'm praying for you and in three weeks will be sending mountains and oceans of baby dust and sticky vibes your way. Wishing you all the luck in the world

Hi and welcome Had a look at your profile, are you taking Clomid this time around or have your cycles gotten better? Where are you in your cycle? I love symptom spotting with others during the tww

Sorry I didn't get a chance to greet you last year, hi and welcome What have you tried on your journey so far? I hope you are so relaxed this cycle knowing you have a fertility apt that you get a bfp! It would be a good version of Sod's law. Where are you in your cycle?

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Hi Ladies,

I’ll join in … I have been TTC #1 since September…so 4 months now. I am 32, DH is 34. I’ve had 2 chemicals in that time frame… so I seem to get pregnant but unable to sustain the pregnancies. My doctor said that if another one happens, they will look into it further but as of right now, nothing seems to be of concern. I didn’t realize how common MC are. It’s so sad, and I feel for anyone that has gone through one or more. No matter how far along the loss happens – it’s devastating. I believe we become mothers in our hearts when we see that double pink line…

Anyhow, I am on CD18 and I O’d on CD14… which makes me 4 dpo. I use OPKs to track Ovulation, I should have O’d on either CD14 or CD15. We haven’t really been trying so much this month, “trying” to take a more relaxed approach. We BD on CD 12, CD 13, and CD16. This TWW is not for the faint of heart!

My symptoms- I had some sharp left ovary pains yesterday – and a lot of ewcm (which is so strange after O for me) but I read that I could have a delayed ovulation. I’ve been more tired lately, but that could be do to other things. Started taking prenatals – I am hoping it helps with sustaining a pregnancy.

Good luck to all you ladies, let’s hope we get our soon Xo

1 year ago

Amarah. Hello and welcome I'm sorry you have been through a rough journey so far, no one can judge another's loss no matter how early it happens. I hope you get your bfp soon. Look up macca root, it can boost fertility and might give your hormones a jump start to get you through to a successful pregnancy. For some ladies baby aspirin can help a pregnancy progress. Keep us updated with your symptoms and hopefully this is your month.

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Hello ladies! I just discovered that you started a new thread...joining back in if you don't mind. I've been following you "regulars" for a while, and lurking when I can. I love to see when one of us actually gets a sticky egg. I rejoice!

AFM, we're not trying this month as I'm healing from a D&C to get rid of a bad endometrial cyst/extra tissue (whatever it was) that they think was preventing implantation. So in two weeks, I get to start my new cycle with Femara and being monitored by the fertility clinic. I'm very excited and it can't come soon enough.

In the meantime, I hope i can cheer on some BFPs in here...satisfy my POAS addiction by looking at your positive tests!

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1 year ago

Hello everyone. I wish you all the best. I am joining here a bit early. My husband and I are looking to start TTC in June. Our DS will be 1 in May, so waiting til after that.
Right now I am trying to lose some weight and get in better shape. Already down 15 lbs from where I started my last pregnancy, but would like to lose 10-20lbs more. Just trying to get my body ready for a second pregnancy.
Not sure if any of you would know an answer to this, but I have a question about strep B. I tested positive my last pregnancy, but delivered too fast to have the antibiotics. Do you know of anything I could be doing to get rid of that? I am trying a probiotic right now to see if that might help, but all suggestions would be helpful.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

1 year ago

Hello everybody,

Kerzie, yes it's an exciting time for me. I have been doing Lupron injections for a week now. They aren't painful as they are only subcutaneous . It's different with progesterone shots - they do hurt :(
I will have an ultrasound tomorrow and will probably start estrogen pills tomorrow evening. Supplements like usual - it's a long list.....

Sunaet, I hope your fertility appointment goes well and that you will get some answers.

Amarah, hopefully you will be blessed with a healthy pregnancy soon.

Blondeone, your dr should test for this kind of infection during your next pregnancy and will prescribe antibiotics then if positive.

Calvingirl, good luck with your next cycle - and thank you for cheering us on in the meantime.

FX for all of us!

1 year ago

Hi all,

I thought that I would join in as well. I found this community a few months ago and it has been really helpful for me.

I'm 34 and husband will be 39 next month and we have been TTC #2 for 8 months so far. We didn't have trouble conceiving our 2 year old son so I ignorantly wasn't expecting any difficulty this time around.

I've been using OPKs for 6 months and BBT charting for the past 2 months. Both indicate that I'm ovulating monthly, usually around CD 16-17. We BD ~5 times during my fertile period. We used pre-seed for the past 2 months but not sure if I'm going to order more for this month or going forward.

I'm taking a PNV (never stopped taking after having my son), a daily fish oil capsule and also maca root. I do acupuncture 2-3 times per month as well and my acupuncturist has been giving me a tea that I drink 3 times per day. I also recently added She Oak drops to the mix because I read that it can help with dealing with the stress/anxiety that comes with TTC as well as boosting fertility.

I haven't seen any fertility specialists yet as I know that I'm still within the 1-year normal range but do plan to schedule an appointment if not pregnant by May.

This is my first time ever contributing on a site like this but I felt compelled to join in. It is hard to be excited/hopeful and then let down month after month and it's nice to know that there are others in the same boat.

Good luck to everyone, I'm pulling for you all.

1 year ago

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