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Been Feeling down :(

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Hi im quiet new to the forum , me n my oh have been ttc for over 2 years now
we are both hopefully getting help from our doctors within the next couple of weeks to do fertility tests
anyway for a while there i had been coping not to bad from month to month and having no joy conceiving bt now have found out 2 more ppl i knw are expecting i jst dnt know how to deal with this part that every time i hear abt someone i knw expecting i feel sorry for myself
jst had to get this of my chest as i dnt really have anyone to talk to abt this, my oh jst tells me it will be our turn one day bt i jst keep wondering when will that be coz it feels like its never going to happen :( n hoped maybe people on here could give me some advice to try help me pick myself back up again

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thank you mrsbaurs i will keep u posted

i feel your pain when you keep getting bfn you just wish either u can get a bfp or af to come so u can start a fresh month again

baby dust for u :)

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Wilson on the information sheets they gave me it says on there if you get AF Friday after noon you have to call on Monday which would be day 4. But it also says that i need to be seen day 1, 2, or 3. Problem is I would have to start the clomid on day 3 and they won't let me start it until I have an ultrasound. Maybe your DR just wants to speak with you and explain them and she/he doesn't have time today?

mrsbaurs I think we are in the same sinking boat! No AF here and still BFN. My boobs are more sore than they have ever been too.

I also heard a wonderful storry that really pissed me off yesterday. A women cheated on her DH got pregnant had an aboration and got pregnant with her DH the following month... Why is it so easy for people like that to get pregnant and people like us to not??? Life is and never will be fair.

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6 years ago

I am just confused. I got a +OPK on 2/19 so I assumed I ovulated that week.

I also got a +OPK like 2/29, so I am not sure. I don't think I ovulated then because my CM was creamy and my cervix was low. Why would I have gotten a + that late?

I am just fed up. Every time I try to "listen" to my body, something goes wrong (+ OPK a week apart). I am still not consistent from my m/c in October.

I feel like I have symptoms, such as sore boobs, which I never have even during a normal cycle. I feel like my sense of smell was strong yesterday because I smelt trash from the kitchen when I walked in the front door, which is across the house. I was so anxious to test on Sunday and Tuesday because I was sure that it would be positive. I have been so moody for the past week. Worse than PMS.

I am just at a loss. I was so upset yesterday that I came home from work and laid in the bed until supper. I don't feel like being at work. I just want AF to come if I am not pregnant because everyday that she doesn't show, I get more hopeful. I will be crushed if/when she comes. Sorry, I just needed to vent. I don't really have any friends who can offer support because they either already have kids, several are currently pregnant and the others are not ready for children.

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mrsbaurs have you tried digital OPKs? Also do you chart your BBT? I am in the same spot as you. My family doesn't know our entire story or how long we have been trying. My friends mostly have children or are not TTC. One friend who knows some of our story doesn't know what to say and mostly I just answer her questions but don't elaborate. Plus DH has super sperm so I really feel like failure...

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6 years ago

hey dolphin1204 i really hope af doesnt arrive for you on friday or atall fingers crossed for u to get a bfp this month sending baby dust ur way

Im hoping thats all it is ive never really had to deal with doctors for things like this all a bit new and scary for me but trying my best not too worry going to have a relaxing night and carry on with my day as normal tomorrow till i speak to her

i hate when you hear stories like that its frustrating and does make u feel like life isnt fair :(

hey mrsbaurs i can imagine how you feel right now not knowing if u are or arent pregnant when af isnt turning up sometimes i think you body plays tricks on you the past 2 month my af has arrived with no warning and i havent been getting cramp like i usually do
you dont have to say sorry for venting ;) sometimes that helps u feel better better to let it out than keep it in and i know how u feel not having many ppl to speak to i find everyone on this forum very helpful :))
baby dust to u :)

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Hey dolphin. I don't chart, but I am going to start! I feel the same way. Because we have had a m/c already, we know we can. It is just my body that failed. As much as I want to know what is going on right who's, I will be absolutely crushed if AF does show up.

Thanks Wilson. My family doesn't know the whole story either. It is are to keep it bottled up inside.

6 years ago

hey mrsbaurs
no problem, i havent even spoke to my mum or dad about my ttc journey mainly because my mum would worry too much
i have only spoke to (other than my dh) my best friend and my brother in law who goes out with my best friend they have been great but they have their own lives too and usually busy with there 8 month old son
its hard with my inlaws its a big family and im the only one who hasnt had a kid so always get when are u having one :/
bt everyone ive spoke to on here has been great and helped out alot

baby dust :)

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I truely believe things happen when they are meant to be. I also think that we all stress and put way to much stress on ourselves.

Mrs baurs, you didn't fail at all. Things that are meant to be will be. Things that are not happen for a reason. Probably a good reason.

This month I stopped paying attention to things. We are building a new house right now, and I have conventrated my time on that and my 2 year old daughter. I bet in a years time, you'll look back at this advanture and things will have worked out perfectly. Just when you weren't expecting it. I wasn't expecting it this month at all. And now I am pregnant. I promise you all that its totally worth it in the end. Not only because I'm pregnant, actually mostly because I have an active 2 year old that makes be know everyday the love of a child.

I wish I could fix all of this for everyone. Keep your chins up. Baby dust to all...
Also, try preseed.
Oh, and listen to the song Fix you by Coldplay. That is my saviour song. And remember, there are always worse things that could be happening. Be thankful for your husbands and that you have that special person to share this adventure with. Many people don't even have that. :)

6 years ago

just on to send a quick msg my doctor should be calling me in the next 10 mins so nervous about this and the best part im all on my own waiting as my husband is night shift and in his bed and im up at my mums today as she is out and needs the dogs walked

will let u all know what happens with the phone call

baby dust all round :)

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hey everyone so finally the doctor phoned a hour late bt anyway
acording to my blood work for this month i have not ovulated and i have low progesteone and also low potassium so will amend my diet for the potassium
im a bit frusterated as i now have to wait till day 21 and day 28 to have more blood work done it could have been done today if the receptionist had booked me in for a appointment today instead of a phone consultation and that would have been my 28 day blood work done so jst going to have to try and relax and wait again till the 26th march to get the first lot of blood done
then next step will be a gynecologist referal

why does this all have to be so hard :(

hi danielle1986 i agree sometimes i do think we try to hard with things and think about it too much this month im not going to try anything different apart from my diet change and never knw maybe ill get a bfp jst have to wait and see
that coldplay song is a good one i listened to it after i read your post :)

i am going to wait another month before i try preseed want to see what happens with this next lot of blood work first

will try to keep my chin up

thanks for the support :) how are you keeping you must be over the moon finally getting the bfp :)
keep us posted :)

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