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I'm 40+ and 1-DPO Need support

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Looking for some much needed support from 40+ first time TTC ladies out there.

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I did talk with my DH a little on Friday. I woke up crabby with him for no reason It was good for us to talk and we were able to share our concerns for getting pregnant instead of us both living in our own heads. It was hard but it really helped us both instead of sitting in this waiting game alone. So we are out this month and will try again. We talked about going in to get tested. Not sure how long we will wait.

Merry Christmas!

1 year ago

I'm 38 soon to be 39 and my partner is 44 ... 8dpo and bfn. Had IUD removed in August. Wishing everyone luck on this ttc journey.

1 year ago

Hi, i just turned 40 years old few weeks ago. Today i am 12 dpo and got a strong positive!! I had a misscaridge over a year ago, and a CP exactly a year ago. This would be my first baby. I believe that for us ladies takes just a bit more time to conceive than for younger women, thats all. If its possible, try not to think about it, enjoy sex with your Husband and it will happen. That is the one thing i did different this month. Good luck and i wish you all the best!

1 year ago

Congratulations for BFP Noemi16! So happy to hear one of us getting some good news!

And thank you for words of encouragement. Yes it's true, patience is your best friend in this time of trying. I am out this cycle as AF arrived 2 days earlier than usual. But I am going for a consult and reproductive health check at a Fertility clinic tomorrow. I did have some basic blood work done last year to make sure my FSH and other levels were normal and but now I am going in for more comprehensive testing. I just want to make sure I am a-okay and not have to wait for a year to find out that I have some underlying issue that will prevent me from conceiving naturally. Just don't have time for that given I will be 43 this year.

Good Luck to everyone on this thread! I am CD8 today and will start CLBM testing tomorrow. Hoping this is my cycle!!!

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Hey All! Well, round 3 here. I'm at cd11 and yesterday and today I got positive results on my fertility prediction kits. SO you know what that means. :) A few more days and then that dreaded tww. The tough part, I think I'm getting sick and you know that just zaps your energy for any kind of fun. So, we will push through it. My DH has been sweet. He is so excited for this to happen. He keeps asking, is it time yet, is it time yet... ha ha. LOVE HIM.

Praying for all of us!

1 year ago

lneist001! And glad to hear that your DH is supporting you this way. My DH doesn't want to know anything about OPKs or anything like that! He thinks it kills his "mood"! He likes other subtle messages like me wearing lingerie out of the blue and then he knows it is time!!! Ha ha!

I am going in for my fertility consult today. Let's see what the doctor says. Keeping my fingers crossed.

All the best ladies!!!

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Good morning ladies! My tww just started and I'm not looking forward to it at all! I ve been trying to get over being sick and I'm not sure we timed everything right so I wish we could just fast forward to next month.

Are you ladies taking anything over the counter to help with trying to pregnant except for prenatal vitamins? There are so many things out there but I just don't know what is good and what isn't.

Baby dust to all!!!

1 year ago

Hey GM Tara3711! No I don't take anything other than pre-natal vitamins. Yes there is too much stuff out there and nothing is truly proven to affect your chances one way or the other. I just try to eat healthy and keep my alcohol and caffeine intake in moderation. Also, my DH watches his alcohol intake and diet, especially around peak time.

Hope you guys feel better and try not to get too sick. I got sick during my TWW last cycle with a stomach bug and to a certain extent I feel like that may have affected my chances.

Hang in there ladies!

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bphopali... hoping you get good news at your fertility appointment. I had to make a DR. apt for a procedure that I need to have and we deiced that, at that time (Feb. 17) if we aren't pregnant we would talk with our Doc about our levels and options. That gives us this month and next a total of 5 for trying. It's better to get on it when your older. Praying for good news and all is well.

... I don't take anything either other than Prenatal vitamins. I'm not sure all the over the counter stuff is worth it. I think a lot of it has to do with healthy eating and such.

1 year ago

Hey Ladies! I have good news and bad news from my consultation with Fertility specialist.

Good news first. She did an ultrasound to check up on my uterus and ovaries and everything looks great and they see ovarian follicles as they should be on CD9. 10 follicles on right and 7 on left and ready to pop up for this cycle.

Bad news is that given my age, IVF is my best option. Not even IUI. Reason is that quality of my eggs is going down everyday and I would be high-risk mother as it is. So she recommends going for IVF asap. So a lot to take in at them moment. I have a follow up with her in 2 weeks. She also took blood and urine samples to do more analysis of my hormones etc. I will be talking to DH tonight and weigh out our options. I will keep you ladies updated on my decision. If I go with IVF, the soonest I can go in is end of February bcoz you have to be on fertility medication for up to 3 weeks.

Also, about over the counter supplements. Well this specialist already told me take three of those! I didn't even have to ask her and she directly told me that these supplements help improving the quality of eggs and so I should be on them. So if anyone is interested, you can try these, I have already ordered mine.

CoQ10 200 mg 3x/Day (with BF, lunch and dinner)
Baby Aspirin 81 mg (once a day)
DHEA 25 mg 3x/Day (BF, lunch and dinner)

Hope you ladies are having a great day so far!

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