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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Hi ladies! Thanks for keeping us all up to date on your progress!

Brandy: I'm so sorry to hear your cycle didn't work. Hugs to you.

My first meds came in the mail last week, now we're just waiting on my period to start the birth control to force a period so I can start the meds. They put me on Gonal-F, menopure, and cetrotide. Then HCG trigger once it's time. Anyone with any insight into those meds? Tips and tricks? Advice to make stabbing myself three times per day easier?? lol

This is the first assisted reproductive cycle we're trying... IUI wasn't a possibility for us because DH had only hundreds of sperm instead of millions and the genetic issue so we need ICSI and genetic testing. We are using a local fertility clinic and the out-of-pocket cost for this one cycle was $20k not including meds. My insurance didn't cover ANYTHING so I almost wish we had tried a few IUI cycles just so we could stock up on meds... Oh well. I'll keep you all posted on my progress once things get rolling!

7 years ago

Ma-espe- Yes, it's nice when things speed up but I feel way less rushed this time around. There's not that urge to be pregnant like yesterday. I'm a lot more patient. We started pretty early since I now am prepared for how long it could possibly take (but hopefully not lol). We are doing IUI pretty much just because insurance covers it. An IUI is about $200 in copays vs $2500 + meds to do an FET with our remaining embryos. And there's my hubby's pride...he still wants to feel "manly" and get me pregnant the natural way but I am less confident that it could ever happen that way so IUI is our compromise. I don't think there's any shame in giving our swimmers and eggs a head start lol! At least the resulting baby is 100% our DNA still.

Kmk- I remember the day I got my first med shipment and it looked a bit overwhelming! The nurse will go over them all with you and show you how and where in inject. There are also instructional online videos I can give you a link to if you need it. Gonal is pretty easy. It comes in an easy to inject pen, small needles, inject in the tummy, you will barely feel it. Menopur is a bit more complicated because you have to mix it and draw it into the needle. It's still a small needle but it does sting as you inject it. Just go very slow and I found it stung less if I drew it up early and let it settle in the syringe for a couple mins first while I did my other injections. Cetrotide you only use if you need it towards the end but you may not need it. It's just to prevent large follicles from releasing if they get too far ahead in growth compared to your other follicles. The hcg trigger is the big whammy. Is it pregnyl or novarel? If so both of those are intramuscular injections in the tushy with a longer needle. It's a bit scary to look it. I had my hubby do the intramuscular injections for me just because it's an awkward angle to do them yourself (but still doable). Sometimes a nurse at the clinic can do it for you if you want. I did mine at home just because it's a long drive. I had my nurse draw a target with permanent marker on my tushy... very helpful lol. I had to do intramuscular estrogen and progesterone when I was pregnant with my daughter every day through the 1st trimester so I got very very used to them! But the 1st one is a doozy not going to lie!

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ma-espe - looks like we have a similar situation with unexplained infertility. My fsh and amh were good. Now that I started acupuncture my acupuncturist said I have VERY bad circulation, and that's just by looking at my tongue. I didn't tell her that it runs in my family so was very shocked how she came to this 'diagnose'. I hope she is right and that's really my problem. How are you feeling. Where are you in the cycle? Any news when you'll be starting meds for FET?

mnor- how awesome we triggered around the same time. I took mine at 8PM central time on Saturday. Today had blood and ultrasound to confirm O and sure enough, I o'ed. My transfer is now this up coming Saturday (5 day blast) Did you have your IUI yesterday or today?

Kmk - I too remember when that humongous box arrived. I nearly fainted lol I just went through my first round of IVF injections last month and I can tell you that I did not use all the meds in that huge box. They just ordered it so they can do dosage adjustments if necessary. They kept mine pretty much the same 50 mg more one night after monitoring. The first night I was super nervous but by day 3 it was like taking a prenatal vitamin lol I kept telling myself I had to do it so I might as well just deal with it. As far as pain, the injections did not hurt me what so ever. I had a little bloating before egg retrieval but nothing like I would imagine someone carrying 23 eggs (17 of those were mature) All I'm trying to say that in the very beginning it's scary and overwhelming but it gets easier with every shot. I was administering them myself because I felt that if I let my husband do it I wouldn't be prepared for the puncture. To be honest the biggest pain in the butt (or should I say stomach ) was the mixing of menopur. Oh and at first I was afraid of air bubbles in the syringe until my nurse told me I would have to inject 5 full syringes of air to have an air stroke. After that it was smooth sailing.

7 years ago

IUI was yesterday, Tuesday. Hubby had 1.6 million swimmers post-wash. Not our best, but not our worst. Odds of pregnancy with around that # is about 4-6% so obviously not holding my breath. Beta is April 5th. I probably won't test before that. It has been a very relaxed IUI cycle compared to the past so I am going to try to keep it way and not obsess, symptom spot and test like every morning like I did trying for my daughter lol

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Mnor 0406.... Good luck.... maybe the fact that you are so relaxed will do the trick. Stay positive :)
JANDEI: I am expecting AF on the 29th. I will start the estrogen then. I don't think I wanted my period to come so bad ever lol....

7 years ago

mnor - how are you feeling?

ma_espe - lol yea no kidding, this is like the ONLY time you want your period lol Just a few more days...

afm transfer is tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. Still waiting for a phone call to see what time it will be. My lovenox injections arrived today, supposed to start them tomorrow evening. Anyone take lovenox without actually being diagnosed with a clotting disorder? My dosage will be 40mg 1xday

7 years ago

Jandei: good luck tomorrow!!!! Hope everything goes great and a bfp soon :)

7 years ago

Jandei - How did your transfer go?

I used lovenox when I got my pregnant with my daughter. We tried 3 new things on my 6th transfer: 30 day round of antibiotics, prednisolone starting at transfer and lovenox starting at transfer. There's no real way to know if any of the 3 or a combination of them was the key to success. I was tested for the most common clotting disorders and they came back negative. However my RE said dicovering all the different dna markers for all the varieties of clotting disorders is still in progress and is a fairly new concept on how it relates to ivf success or failure. She said there could be hundreds of clotting disorders and it would be impossible to test for them all. I stayed on lovenox my whole pregnancy (switched to heparin at 36 weeks) because I was too scared to stop since I didn't know for sure if that was what helped or not and a clotting disorder wouldn't just resolve itself when the placenta was fully functional. If I get a bfp I might ask to start lovenox just in case.

I feel fine, almost forgot I could possibly be pregnant. Went to a banquet today and my hubby got me a glass of wine from the bar and I almost didn't remember that I shouldn't drink. My hubby was like oops and had to take big gulps while no one was looking at our table and I took a couple tiny sips so it wouldn't be obvious lol. If I had turned the whole glass down when he got it for me I would have been bombarded by questioning! Had to keep the ruse going since no one in our family knows we are trying again!

7 years ago • Post starter

Hello ladies. Transfer went very well. It lasted about 5-8 minutes and was completely painless. To me it was better than a IUI. I did acupuncture right before and right after and then slept like a baby the whole entire weekend. Now it's all out of my hands and all I can do is wait. Beta is April 4th

Mnor thanks for all that info on lovenox. Yea I imagine there must be many blood disorders and not all are easily diagnosable. I feel better now since I'm taking mine just as a precaution. Oh I know what you mean about the family. We had a family get together last month where I didn't have a single drink they were all like "what's wrong with you" lol I know some ladies go by the 'drink till it's pink' motto. I'm not one of them but I'm sure it can't hurt to have a few sips. The one thing I can say right now I really miss is coffee. I also love tea and I'm not supposed to drink teas. I have no clue what I can drink as far as hot/warm drinks. For the last few days I have been drinking hot water with a splash of gatorade. It's only been 3 days since I had coffee and I really miss it.

ma_espe - how's it going? I'm sure you're beyond ready to start!

How's everyone else?

7 years ago

Hi Jandei... so happy everything went good for you. Fingers crossed you get a bfp on April 4th.
I am already so excited and anxious. Need to find a way to relax myself. Af still not here but should be anytime..... expecting it on Wednesday.
I am struggling with tea as well. I cut it to 1 cup a day now. Wondering if decaf teas can be an option or maybe hot chocolate.
I am not much of a drinker..... so that part doesn't affect me... no one will be able to tell the difference lol. Plus it is no secret for my family and friends tgat we r doing tge transfer....
How are you feeling mnor0406?

7 years ago

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