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2017 IUI/IVF

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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Welcome BACK kmksmd :
And what a report to return back with! So awesome that you are nearing RE graduation! I can't wait for you to reach OB status

Hey Mnor0406 : purchasing one's own doppler, I'll have to keep that in mind! FX for your positive POAS!

Hey Two+1onway :
Welcome back. Glad everything was benign and you're all set to restart!

6 years ago

Well 7dpt and still negative FRER. With an already hatching blast? I'm thinking it didn't work. I should definitely have some sort of 2nd line by now. Makes doing my estrogen and progesterone shots soooo much harder knowing it's most likely for nothing. I have been surprised by a positive beta with negative hpts twice but those both ended as chemical losses. We shall see on beta day I guess. I know it took me 6 tries to get my daughter but I was really hoping to get a 1st try baby this time.

6 years ago • Post starter

Kmk.... hope to hear more good news!!! Good luck on your next US. So happy everything is going great!
Two+1. Good luck on your IUI. Hope this round is the good one!
Futuremom: any signs of AF yet?
Mnor: hopefully it just took a little bit longer to implant this time.

AFM.... just building up my lining. Today is day 6 of estrogen. Getting excieted and nervous for my first appointment on Friday.

6 years ago

Thank you all for being so welcoming!

MNOR - I can't imagine it would be easy because you also have to find someone you can trust. I feel very honored to have been asked to do this for the guys. I am so sorry that you are still getting negative tests. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get that surprise miracle.

KMK - Thanks! I am excited to be here.

Two+1 - Fingers crossed this is your cycle!

To all you ladies - I have gone back and read through this thread and I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing! I could not believe everything you ladies have gone through and survived! Sending baby dust to all of you!

AFM - I am planning on POAS tomorrow morning! I haven't felt much of anything but a bit of cramping here and there.

6 years ago


Hey surromum2be : have you POAS yet?

Hey mnor0406 : when is your beta day?

Hey ma_espe : Friday will be here before you know it! :-)

AF did show on Sunday. Baseline ultrasound went well. Started stims last night. The shots actually weren't that bad, at all. Good thing, because I had to do 3! It was so bearable that I started to second guess myself that I did everything correctly. Smh!

6 years ago

Hey futuremom that is awesome. I am glad u finally started!!!
Did you test today surromum?
How are you doing mnor?

6 years ago

Future dance mom - I think we psych ourselves out over the shots! Congrats on starting a new cycle! and good luck!

I did POAS and it was negative :( I am now 6dp5dt and going to try again tomorrow!

6 years ago

Beta is tomorrow but as of 8dpt it was still negative. Not expecting good news tomorrow

Surromom- I hope you have better luck and get a bfp soon!

Future- Yes, I did about 10 practice swings, closed my eyes and then jabbed myself way too hard the first time lol. I was expecting more resistance and for it to hurt more.

The sub q shots are pretty easy, it's the intramuscular ones that suck. My butt is killing me! Part of me wants my beta to be positive by some miracle and part of me is like I can't wait for it to be negative so I can stop these injections!

6 years ago • Post starter

mnor - Good luck with your beta!!! I have heard many time of positive beta with neg pee tests!!!

AFM - Still getting negative tests.. beta is on Tuesday. I have progressively been getting worse and worse nausea, hoping its a good sign but I know with all the hormones involved, it could mean nothing :(

6 years ago

Had my day 12 ultrasound today . Have one at 21 and another at 19! First time I have been ready on day 12 :) . Triggers this morning and IUI is set for tomorrow morning . I am hopeful this cycle . He said twins ???? If all goes well

6 years ago

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