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2017 IUI/IVF

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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Futuredancemom- Yes very quiet! That's a different approach pre-stimming with the Estrace and progesterone. I have always done bcp and/or lupron. Any reasoning behind that?

Kmk- Have you had your 1st u/s yet?

Ma-espe- Starting prep for another transfer yet?

Afm - I have been keeping busy with daily swim lessons for the nugget and have had 2 lining checks. 1st lining check on Friday showed a small fluid pocket in my uterus. I think it was just leftover fluid from my period because it was so long and only ended 3 days before the lining check. 2nd lining check this morning was perfect. Fluid pocket was gone and lining looked good so I was given the OK to start PIO in the morning and transfer next Monday the 24th! Holy cow can't believe it's only 6 days away! I feel like it went so much faster prepping for baby #2 transfer compared to trying for baby #1.

7 years ago • Post starter

Hii mnor.... so exciting that your FET is just around the corner.....
How r you doing kmk any more exciting news?
Futuremom what is new with you?
AFM I am expecting af around the 29th to start FET cycle... however I did try and I am hoping for a rainbow baby... at least if it doesn't happen it won't be overly dissappointing since FET will be happening soon. Took forever to get my cycle back on track. But glad I am finally moving forward.

7 years ago

Hey Mnor0406 : O-M-G... transfer on the 24th!!! that's quick and EXCITING! I bet the nugget in swim classes has also been pretty awesome - to be honest I didn't ask why the choice of estrace & progesterone instead of the standard of bcp... but I think I will shoot my nurse a message just out of curiosity.

Hey ma_espe : sounds like you and Mnor will be transferring around the same time... how cool!!

Hey kmk: how are things on your end?

AFM: I should be starting stims for IVF egg retrieval on 7/31.

7 years ago

Ma-espe- It would be so awesome to conceive naturally. I know several ladies who did iui or ivf and got pregnant between cycles or naturally with their 2nd. I always hoped that would happen us. We tried naturally from last August til March but then I was impatient lol and wanted to start trying seriously again.

Futuredancemom - Very exciting to start stimming! Remember to try to be flexible. Just because they give you dates for things doesn't mean they will actually happen on those exact days. My 3 retrievals were completely different even though I took very similar doses of all the same meds. One time I was slated to be one of their last retrievals of the week on a Friday and surprise surprise I was the first lady ready at 8am Monday morning after only 6 days of stimming and 2 appts lol. One round I had to go in for 7 appts over 9 days! Hopefully your workplace is flexible and you can get time off with very little warning?

7 years ago • Post starter

Hey mnor0406 : patience... that is SUCH good advice! Though I must admit that I would love to only stim 6 days because I'm paying for everything out of pocket and the meds are already costing me $5K - The good thing though is that I do have a flexible work schedule and they allow me to work pretty autonomously! It's a blessing
I'll keep you guys posted once I begin stimming!

7 years ago

1 beautiful little embryo is officially on board! It was already hatching and looking for a nice cozy home. Fingers crossed it's a sticky one! Beta day is Aug 3rd but I'll probably test before that haha

6 years ago • Post starter

Mnor that is awesome. Wish you best of luck!!!!

AFM I tested this am at 11dpo with FRER and looks like I won't be having a rainbow baby.... so just waiting for AF to show up hopefully very soon so I can start estrogen for FET.

6 years ago

Whoo-hoo Mnor0406! Congrats on PUPO!! Excited to hear your upcoming rising betas!

Hey ma_espe : sorry the natural way didn't result in a BFP but FX for your upcoming transfer

How are things for you kmksmd?

6 years ago

Finally AF showed up this am. So I started estrace. First appointment to check linning is on August 4 and if things go the same way as last FET transfer should be on August 10th.
How are you feeling mnor?
Futuredancemom: getting ready to start stims soon?

6 years ago

Ma-espe- Great news that you will be doing an FET soon!

I am having some symptoms that I had when I was pregnant with my daughter but nothing that I can't also blame on the progesterone injections. 1 second I'm like I think it worked and the next I'm not so sure... I bought some hpts today! Not sure when I want to start testing. I got a very faint positive 5dpt with my daughter so that would be this Saturday if I test 5dpt again.

6 years ago • Post starter

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