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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Kmk - I want to say I bled for about 2 weeks after the hysteroscopy. It was back in 2013 so memory is a bit foggy now lol. I remember it being awhile and quite heavy. Although it was nothing compared to the clots and heavy flow from the first couple postpartum periods. Yikes just you wait lol. Any reputable clinic will have their data submitted to That's the official society for reproductive technology. If they aren't on there I would question how good they are and maybe consider switching clinics. Typically live birth percentage rates range from the upper 20's to upper 40's (with pgs probably the higher end of that or higher). And chance of twins is about 30-40% when you transfer 2 embryos. With just 1 embryo the chance of it splitting is like 1-2% I believe.

Ma-espe- I hope your numbers come back to normal this week so you can move on to another transfer. It sucks to just be stuck with that reminder of your loss for so long!

I got my whole FET protocol in my email and calendar of meds. I have to get them all ordered this week. Endometrial scratch, saline sonohistogram and trial transfer will be between June 20th and 23rd and then I start Lupron, antibiotics and baby aspirin the following week. Here we go! My daughter is down to just her bedtime breastfeeding session so I have about 2 more weeks to get her to drop it. Fingers crossed!

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Hi everyone, I'm new here hope you don't mind me dropping in. Already had all my test and go in for her treatment plan this Friday. I'm so nervous because I've already gotten some of the results and I seem to be OK but my husbands morphology is 0%. By reading everything it seems like IVF is going to be the best way for us to go. I'm 37, he's 42. I'm trying to do all my research so I have some clue what to expect, and the doctors office gave me a couple booklets to read but I get so confused with all the medical terms. He has two daughters from when he was younger so kind of hoping that they'll give us a choice of gender selection for family balancing. I'm thinking it's going to be IVF, with ICSI and blastocyst of course it all depends on what the doctor say on Friday. We've been trying for two years and have been unsuccessful. Any tips I should be aware of, questions I should ask at her treatment plan? Any information or anything is greatly appreciated since I'm so new to this. Luckily the clinic we've been going to is very friendly and doesn't mind all my questions, but since this is coming out of pocket I would like to have as much information and facts as possible

7 years ago

Ma_espe, any more news about your betas and if they have gone back to 0? How are you feeling? Any new plans in the works for your upcoming FET??

Futuredancemom, I found some general info on the SART website, but it wasn’t super helpful in answering my specific questions. Although, I suppose for each individual person it’s either 100% going to work or 100% not going to work, just depends on you and your embryo. Oh well. How are you doing? Any news on when funding will be complete and you can start your process?

Mnor, thanks for your information. I ended up spotting/bleeding from 5/22 all the way until my period starting 6/3 (and lasting 5 days!). I’m so thankful to be done with bleeding for the moment. Haha. I used the SART website and found it helpful, although my clinic was small enough that I was unable to use the filters to get any more specific data for my situation (ICSI/PGS/FET). DH and I decided together that the risk of twins was something we wanted to avoid (especially if it’s 30-40%!) so we’re going to only transfer one this time. Good luck wth starting your FET protocol! Will you only be on lupron, antibiotics and aspirin, or will you be on estrogen/progesterone shots or suppositories too? Do you know yet your tentative transfer date? I wasn’t offered an endometrial scratch or a trial transfer… are those things I should ask about if this FET doesn’t work?

Hi, dirtybirdsoaps! We were in the situation where IVF was the only option for us because of severe MFI and a genetic issue. I would be happy to answer any questions for you, since it sounds like your road will be similar to ours! We did egg retrieval with ICSI and then sent everything for PGS testing, now we’re getting ready for transfer soon! Gender selection would be possible with PGS if that is something you want. We have 3 girls and 7 boys frozen currently - we don’t want to know gender for the first one but probably will for any siblings. I would ask questions about meds (which ones, dosing?) and pricing especially, since you’re also out of pocket. We went through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and they were very helpful. I would ask them to run everything through insurance if you have it, because while my stim meds weren’t covered (~$3500) they did cover my antibiotics, pain meds, and estrogen/progesterone for transfer (which took it from $2400 estimated to $80 copays!!). Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

AFM… I had my first monitoring appointment today on day 6 of estrogen pills/patches before FET. My lining was 9.3 mm and trilaminar, ovaries are looking nice and quiet. I’m still waiting on the results of my bloodwork from today but I was told to keep doing what I’m doing. I asked if we could bump up transfer at all since I’m already over their 9 mm goal and already trilaminar… but apparently my doc only does transfers on a Wednesday so I have to wait and keep my original date of 6/21. Oh well, it’s still right around the corner! 9 days!! I asked my nurse today a ton of questions (pomegranate juice? pineapple? about trilaminar pattern disappearing after starting PIO? what happens if the embryo doesn’t survive thaw??) and got very little info. Apparently they don’t repeat US after starting PIO at our clinic so she didn’t know that. She had never heard of using pom or pineapple but it can’t hurt so I’m going to keep going. And as for the surviving the thaw, she said if the one they’re thawing starts to not look good they just thaw another one and re-freeze it if they don’t need it. I also got some info on the embabies we have left after PGS screening… we’re left with one 5AA, three 5AB, two 5BB, one 4AA, and three 4AB. We will (after much debate) transfer one embaby, the 5AA. We also got all our consent forms signed in clinic - no notary needed! Now it’s just a little more waiting until my sweet baby is back with me.

7 years ago

Hey kmksmd:
Sounds like you and DH definitely did your research and ARE READY!! So exciting! Nerve racking (I would imagine) but exciting nonetheless! :-) amazing to think that 6/21 is just around the corner!

Welcome dirtybirdsoaps:
kmksmd shared lots of tips! And this is a very supportive group, so feel free to jump right in!

Hey mnor0406:
So cool that you and kmksmd will be transferring the same week!

AFM, I have been diligently saving. The plan is to begin birth control at the end of this month when AF comes. I believe then I'm on BC for 24 days and then I begin stims.

7 years ago

Welcome dirtybirdsoaps! We did IVF with icsi due to male and female factor infertility 6 times to conceive our daughter and are now trying for #2. I would definitely recommend icsi for male factor issues. With pgs you can select the gender just ask how much extra it will cost (usually a couple grand). I would ask if pgs testing will probably delay your transfer. Most clinics have to send it out for testing and then do a frozen transfer. Unless you are lucky enough to have a clinic that does on site testing.

Kmk- Waiting those last few days before transfer seems like forever! Sounds like everything is looking good though! I want to say the ideal range is like 10-13mm for endometrial thickness so you could stand to get a little thicker. I think anything over 14mm is considered too thick, 8-9 is acceptable but a little thin, and below 8 is not ideal. I have had embryos that failed to thaw before and they just called me an hour or 2 before to let me know and ask my permission to thaw more. So as long as you have extras you'll be ok. I've tried just about every "myth"...pineapple juice, pineapple core, keeping your feet warm, bed rest, no bed rest, no hot showers, eating avocado...etc etc. It's all hogwash lol. I did none of those on my successful transfer!

Futuredancemom - Glad it looks like you will be starting soon! I hated being in limbo and always loved feeling like I was finally starting!

Afm - I just have my trial transfer next week not the actual transfer. The endometrial scratch is just supposed to make little channels in your lining to give the embryo a nice place to snuggle down in. I had this done with my daughter's transfer and I think it helped. I would definitely ask about it kmk if this 1 doesn't work.

I start lupron, baby aspirin and antibiotics the 25th. Then estradiol IM injections and Estrace vaginally July 4th, PIO July 19th, steroids July 21st, transfer on July 24th and I start lovenox injections at transfer and then I add crinone on the 31st. So some days I will have 2 tushy injections (estradiol and progesterone) and a belly one (lovenox) all the way til the end of the 1st trimester if successful...not looking forward to that again!

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Welcome dirtybirdsoap!
Kmk good luck... lining is looking good. I started progesterone on day 11 of estrogen stims at night. You are getting super close now.... so excited for you
Dancemom... looks like we might be having transfer very close to eavh other.

Afm... hcg still at 130.... it is going really slow down the last week. But they said all of a sudden in might have a big drop. I just want it to get over with so I can move to my next transfer. So one period and the one after start estrogen for FET #2

7 years ago

Hi mnor... think we were replying at the same time lol. Looks like we might be transfering around the same time as well. So excited for you.

7 years ago

Hello, beautiful infertility warrior friends!

Futuredancemom, I’m glad the saving is coming along! Good luck!

Mnor, my endometrial lining ended up being 12.5 mm trilaminar at the second appointment (6/16) before I started progesterone shots that night. I did drink pom juice leading up to transfer, am currently eating pineapple + core for the first 5 days post transfer, and eating avocado. As for staying warm, it’s nearly July so not a problem here and I’m trying to drink warm herbal tea and snuggle under a blanket until I get too hot. I figure they can’t hurt! How did your trial transfer go? You start meds soon… is your lupron a one-time shot or every day? Good luck, lady!!

Ma_espe, any new updates? Did you have any more luck with the declining HCG? And has your period started yet?

AFM… My beautiful little 5AA embaby is back with me! Transfer on Wednesday went so smoothly. The worst part was having to pee so bad I was almost crying, but luckily I did NOT pee on my poor RE (although I asked him if it had ever happened and he said not often… but yes. Haha). Look at this little beauty! I’m so in love. I got to watch them suck it up in the catheter on a live cam and then it went in with those two little air bubbles and I just started bawling!!! After the 30 minutes lay-down period (luckily I got to pee after 5 minutes!) we came home and both crashed and slept for like 4 hours. I have almost no symptoms other than being a little gassy which I read can be from progesterone. I’ve also been exhausted but my sleep schedule has been super weird with DH working nights. But no cramping, maybe a few slight twinges, no spotting, nothing. I know I’m still really early, 2dpt today so not expecting much. I hope that working my 24 hour shift tomorrow then going to my parents cottage up north for a few days will help me not obsess. I still want to hold out on POAS as long as I can… we’ll see how that goes.

7 years ago

Hi kmk... great to hear everything went smooth. Hope you can stay as relaxed as possible... hoping to hear the good news soon. Staying busy is probably the best you can do to get your mind off it.

Afm.... not yesterday but the Thursday before my hcg was at 71 still... however I started my period on Tuesday.... did blood test yesterday but probably won't get the results til Monday. But I am positive they should be back to normal otherwise I would of not have gotten my period. So that means next cycle I get to move forward with FET #2 :)

7 years ago

Hello kmksmd :
Love THIS --> "Hello, beautiful infertility warrior friends! "
So glad the transfer went well and that your 2WW flies by quickly!!

Waving @ mnor0406 : that's exciting that you're all set to begin next cycle.

Sounds like July/August will be a busy month for many of us on the forum.

7 years ago

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