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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Good luck! That procedure was NOT fun for me. I had a hysteroscopy after my 3rd failed transfer. They ended up finding and removing some polyps that they biopsied. Turned out to be benign. Who knows if having them removed helped or not? Beyond the pain in my lady bits from the procedure and uti-like pain from the catheter... I ended up getting some air trapped in my system from them inflating my uterus for the hysteroscopy and it ended up giving me excruciating shoulder pain. I called the RE (while bawling) and apparently it's fairly common. I thought it was super weird to get shoulder pain when they were nowhere near there! So heads up that that could happen. Make sure you have a stock of heat packs, pain meds and Netflix or something.

I did the typical 5 days of antibiotics on other transfers but with my daughter's transfer (my final transfer before throwing in the towel) they were just trying anything and everything and thought maybe I had an undetected uterine infection. Obviously I want to keep the protocol the same as with my daughter's transfer because something did the trick!

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Welcome back mnor0406 : glad to hear you and DD beat the stomach flu! Sounds like DH got lucky and it missed him
Sorry to hear your natural cycle was not successful. Thanks for your input about your post-retrieval. Very cool that we might be IVF buddies in July.

How's everyone else doing?

7 years ago

Hi girls thank you for your kind words. Glad to be in the group... you all have been very supportive.
Mnor: sorry cycle didnt work out this time for you.
Two + 1: I jope everything turns out to be ok.

Afm..... I have been trying to keep busy to avoid depression. Think I am doing fairly good. I had a dr appointment on Wednesday so she said to wait for a period and then do tranfer the one after. I will be adding baby aspirin hopefully to avoid clotting next time. I have to do a blood test on Wednesday to see if pregnancy hormones are back to pre pregnancy levels. Still bleeding heavily... hope it stops soon.... however it isn't painful anymore. I was going to ask of anyone has used homeopathic pills for stress and if you have discuss with a dr if they are safe during pregnancy. My level of stress last transfer was extremely high since I MC last year..... but now with 2 MC I don't want to be a nerve wreck during next transfer. I know accupunture could help unfortunately way to expensive considering I have to pay for hormones too. THANKS

7 years ago

Hi Ma_espe - glad to hear that the pain has subsided and you're on the mend!
I'm a newbie to this process - I have not yet done a retrieval/transfer - this will be my first IVF in July. But here's my two cents...

You mentioned acupuncture is not currently an option. Something else, less costly, that I do to relax is to listen to this meditation series from Russell Davis :

I purchased the set but if you want to first try it out, his website does provide a free sample:

I also make a commitment to do things that I LOVE like taking dance classes, going for walks outside, and going to shows (On Wednesday I went to see Finding Neverland and loved it!).

So find the thing(s) you love (the thing that nurtures your soul) and treat yourself to it

Hope this helps!

7 years ago

Hi ladies. I had my hysteroscopy today… the procedure was only about 30 minutes and I felt ok afterward with only a little cramping. He did find a small septum which he snipped out with scissors and the “after” picture looks pretty good to me! I had some bleeding and they gave me an oral pain med before I left. Also, since I had such bad nausea with egg retrieval (due to the procedure, anesthesia, meds, or food poisoning I don’t know) they gave me a second IV nausea medicine this time. My dad was with me for the hysteroscopy since DH worked last night. We came home and I started having shaking chills… my fever went up to 101.8 even after tylenol/codeine so I called the office. The nurse there said it was probably from the medications (since it’s too early for infection and I’m already on antibiotics) and just to watch it. The fever has come down now to 100.4 and I feel better. The craping is starting to get worse (sweet DH gave me a back rub to help) though and the tylenol/codeine made me super nauseous again this afternoon so I’m sticking to regular tylenol. It’s been a whirlwind of a day!

Mnor, Sounds like my procedure is similar to yours. I only had the septum and no polyps, but he definitely did enough removing in there! I am having some shoulder/mid back sharp pains but nothing terrible. I was using my heating pad but with the fever my nurse DH made me turn it off.

Ma_espe, again I’m so sorry to hear how things are going for you. Is keeping busy helping you keep your mind in a happier place? I hope your bleeding gets better soon… I haven’t taken any homeopathic pills of any sort (they make me nervous) so unfortunately I don’t have any advice there.

Dancemom, you are always so upbeat and positive. :-) Thanks for the suggestions!

7 years ago

Ma-espe - For about 2 months leading up to my final transfer I took power yoga classes 2-3 times per week. I really felt that helped decrease my stress levels. I was also super anxious after all my failed transfers and losses. My last round I really just tried to adopt a what will be will be attitude. I think just letting go of trying to control everything and destressing with the yoga cleared my mind and body and that combined with the right treatment protocol were the key.

Kmk- Are you feeling recovered now?

Futuredancemom- Yes I think we will be ivf buddies in July!

AF finally showed on Tues. I talked to the fertility clinic because I was going to do 1 more IUI but we will be on vacation to Sesame Place and Phildelphia from cd11 to cd15. Bummer! Sooooo...I started bcp yesterday, next week they are meeting to create my protocol calendar and my FET is tentatively scheduled for July 24th! I totally wasn't prepared to have an actual date scheduled on their books! It's all seeming real now that we may have a baby#2 on board soon!

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Hey Mnor0406 : OMG transfer date already scheduled!!! That does make it very, very real! I won't start BC until next month - I'm thinking AF will make her appearance around the end of June and then that's when I'll start BC. I usually have long cycles (on average 45 days) thanks to PCOS but last month she came after 35 days (which was totally unexpected!), so we'll see what happens in June.
Btw, I LOVE sesame place! Have tons of fun!

Hey kmksmd : thanks for saying that! I do try to be upbeat, usually - here's hoping this maintains even after I begin shots

7 years ago

It's been so quiet on here!! How are all you lovely ladies doing?

I had my FET cycle baseline monitoring today with ultrasound and blood work. I’m still waiting on the lab results, but my lining was about 5 mm and no cysts visible so I’m hoping I get to start my meds Wednesday. I’m having heavy flow with clots which is unusual for me, and I’ve been bleeding every day since hysteroscopy on 5/22… I told the MA and she didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about but I’m so tired of bleeding. Ugh. She had the consent forms for FET which she wanted to give me to sign, since DH wasn’t with me she wanted us to go to a notary to get the forms completed and I was like no, he’ll be here at the next appointment and we can do it then. Apparently they had an issue where a wife forged the husband’s signature and then he was very opposed to the transfer… not sure why you would be if you already went through everything to make an embryo. Oh well. I also asked what our clinic’s success rates were for PGS FET… they didn’t know. Then I asked what the overall FET success rate was… and they didn’t know. They will ask my doc for me today and email it… but am I crazy or is this information that should be easily available and widely known?!? It’s going to influence my decision of # to transfer (I’d prefer only 1, but if the numbers are low then I’ll consider 2). His lack of transparency is frustrating

7 years ago

Hi kmk... it has definetly been quiet here.... so excited thar you are finally moving forward to get your FET done.... I finally was done bleeding on Friday after the MC.... was almost 6 weeks of bleeding/spotting.... glad it is over. I did a blood test on Thursday and my hcg was still high 163.... I am hoping by Thusrday this week when I test again it is back to normal.... Crazy how you can want a period not to come and hcg to go high so bad and now my period can't come any faster for me lol..... need to get a period and then I will move forward with FET #2 the following cycle :)
Not sure what they couldn't provide info on the success rates but probably better for them to ask and give you a truthful answer as opposed to making something up to give you an answer :). Hopefully you will have no issues. In my fertility clinic they only trabsfer 2 embryos if they are day 3 and only 1 embryo if they are day 5/6. I am assuming with yours that on top of that are tested they will only want to transfer 1 since your chances of ending up with twins would be high and twin pregnancies come with some risks. I thi k they are trying to avoid multiple pregnancies as much as they can.

7 years ago

Hey gals glad to hear you both are making some progress!

Yes, it's so funny ma_espe how we like to boss the period around (come now, don't come now... LOL)...

@ kmksmd : have you tried looking online for their success rates? Do they post it on their website? Or have you tried searching through a website like

7 years ago

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