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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Ma_espe I was almost the same. Had a scan at seven weeks exact and it was measuring 6wks 5 days heartbeat was 142 which they were happy with but they booked me in for another scan in two weeks which is now this time next week.
My problem has been my progesterone has dropped week by week it went 79 to 62 to 52 to 37 last Wednesday (low on our system is 32 which is about 10 on the American scale). I've been on 100mg endometrin twice a day since 3dpo.

Take heart that risk of miscarriage apparently drops to 2% after see heartbeat.

7 years ago

Ma_espe - I’m so glad you got to see your baby and hear their little heartbeat! I will think happy thoughts for your little bean and cross my fingers that s/he keeps growing!

Dancemom - I don’t think I did anything special to get ready for retrieval. I did try to eat more veggies and fruits and less processed foods (with variable success), stopped drinking alcohol at all and cut way back on my caffeine. I took my prenatal vitamin and my allergy medicine but no other supplements. Hope that helps!

AKJ - Thanks! This process is stressful but has been so exciting at the same time!

AFM…. drumroll… my genetics are back! We have 3 little girls and 7 little boys that are frozen and waiting to come back to mama! Not sure yet which embryo grades correlate to which gender but we don’t want to know what we are transferring the first time if at all possible… just whichever one is the healthiest little embaby! My hysteroscopy is scheduled for 5/22 and then FET tentatively June 21. I am so excited!!!

7 years ago

Hey AKJ976! Yes the camaraderie is a DEFINITE help! It's cool to be able to discuss these things with people who actually "get it" because they've been through it and are going through it!

Hey GemmaR : thanks for sharing this "Take heart that risk of miscarriage apparently drops to 2% after see heartbeat." - and to you and Ma_espe!

Hey Kmksmd! Your advice sounds similar to AKJ976's... thank you both for your input. Good to see I'm doing all that I need to... just wanted to be sure I wasn't needing to do additional things. And btw, those are SUCH AWESOME genetic stats! Yay!!! Btw, I'm curious - will be you be awake or asleep for the hysteroscopy?

7 years ago

Definitely asleep. Haha.

7 years ago

LOL! That's what I figured but wasn't sure... yeah I'd wanna be asleep too

7 years ago

Kmksmd : Oh one more thing - I forgot to ask... how'd you feel post retrieval? Did you rest all day?

I'm trying to get my mind ready :-) My plan is to begin the medication protocol in July and then retrieval sometime in August. This will be my first one!

7 years ago

Dancemom, I was in quite a bit of pain after my procedure for about 2 days. They gave me morphine in my IV immediately after I woke up, and oral Norco for pain management. I needed it about 2 days but it made me really nauseous so I switched to ibuprofen. That and a heating pad did the trick. I was too sore to do much for about 2 days except lay on the couch… after that it was better. I had some bleeding/spotting on retrieval day but only needed a panty liner. After that, I was still bloated and a little sore but I didn’t require any other pain medications, just taking it easy. Luckily because of my schedule I had about a week off of work after retrieval but easily could have gone back before then. Although I feel like everyone’s experience post-retrieval is so variable… some people feel back to normal the next day or two.

7 years ago

Hey kmksmd : I'm am soooooo glad I asked that because in my mind after it's done I was heading back to work the same day if not definitely the next day - but now I'll be prepared and plan so that I will have days off post-retrieval (just in case they're needed). Thanks for the heads up

7 years ago

Hi girls,

This is my first message on this forum so I'll present myself a little. I'm Emily, 24 y-o, French from Paris, married for a year, with him for 8 years and trying for our first baby. We've been trying for a year now and since things didn't work out we decided to have some tests done and turns out my cervical mucus is way to acid and just won't let the spermatozoids work their way up. Apart from that I seem to be pretty fertile and got a nice ovarian reserve, I also do not smoke and have a normal weight. So now I'm waiting for my appointment with the specialist but she'll most likely go for a IUI which I hope will work !
I have been trying to drink some sparkling water and douche with sodium bicarbonate as I have seen online that this was recommended to alkalize the mucus. So I've tried this this month, I am DPO 5 and hoping for it to work naturally before we start the process... I am a little bit afraid as for the IUI because I have a fear of needles and thinking about doing all of this is scary ...
Has anyone had the same problem ? If so did the IUIs work quickly ? Thanks for welcoming me in your community !

PS: I apologize in advance if I got any medical term wrong :/

7 years ago

Emily, welcome! You have joined a great, supportive group of women and I wish you all the luck in your journey! Unfortunately I never did IUI so I don’t have many answers about the process, but I can tell you that you will get used to the needles quickly if you have to. It’s amazing what we will endure to become mothers! Good luck in this natural cycle! I would discuss the douches with your specialist, as I have been told to avoid those sorts of products. All your medical terms are fine! :-)

AFM, DH and my in-laws and I were out and about downtown today, having a good time and enjoying the sunshine. The only hard part was people and vendors at the farmers market kept wishing me Happy Mothers Day… I teared up quite a few times… but sweet DH turned to me and said “we have 10 embabies, you are a mother.” He’s so sweet and supportive with all my crazy emotions. <3

7 years ago

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