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2017 IUI/IVF

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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Got my p4 progesterone back and was only 8.2 on cd 20 . Had 100 clomid and trigger and iui this cycle , not looking hopeful:(

7 years ago

I'm a big wino so that's hard! I don't know the tea/coffee struggle because I am allergic to caffeine! Everybody is like you are so lucky you don't know what you are missing lol.

Jandei - I am also doing my beta April 4th but won't find out til the next morning. I won't be able to make it the 5th due to my daycare business so I'm going the evening of the 4th. My RE said ivf transfers are easier because it's a softer, more flexible catheter and I definitely agree! Plus I was always distracted watching the u/s screen!

Ma-espe - I took group yoga classes before my 6th transfer last time. It helped a lot! Maybe some kind of exercise? I'm feeling very normal so far!

Everybody knew when we were trying for our daughter and it got really annoying. All the questioning looks, texts, phone calls...ugh. Always getting asked if I had taken a test yet or know the results and having to say no, not yet, it was negative, I am pregnant but my beta numbers don't look good, or I miscarried, etc. It was just a lot of added pressure that we have decided to avoid this time around. And when we did get pregnant everyone already knew so there was no exciting " we're pregnant!" announcement moment. Really sucked the glory and excitement out of it for me.

7 years ago • Post starter

Hello everyone,

I am a brand new newbie to the forum! Still learning the ropes. I am 41 (will be 42 next month). Planning to start my first IVF cycle, as soon as AF arrives (she decided to tarry this month! I have PCOS though, so sometimes my cycle is very inconsistent!).
I will be doing IVF as a single mom (sperm donor), so this process definitely feels daunting at times... but I've desired to be a mom for a long time!

7 years ago

Thanks for all the updates ladies! Good luck with the waiting, Jandei and mnor! I'll keep my fingers crossed for sticky little babies! And ma_espe I was right there with you in the waiting for my period. After so long dreading AF starting it was weird to wish it would hurry up!

And welcome, futuredancemom! :-)

AF started Sunday so I'm cycle day 2 and BC begins tomorrow. My RE's office is emailing me a calendar tomorrow with all my meds/doses and appointments on it... tentative retrieval is at the end of April. My scheduler at work is super awesome and working with me so I can go to all the appointments and have a few days off after egg retrieval. I have all my meds in a cute little organizer and I really appreciate all your advice and encouragement for doing my shots! I hadn't planned on telling a lot of people that we're starting this process but I'm so excited I can't help it. Haha.

7 years ago

Welcome futuredancemom! That's wonderful what you are doing! I wish you the best of luck. You found the right group here with us!

me_espe - Thanks so much. I am desperately trying not to get my hopes up too high. It's rough. As far as tea. I'm allowing myself 1 cup of white tea per day but normally I drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning then 2 cups of black tea and then another 2 cups of some other kind. I'm pretty much drinking tea all day long. I'm slowly getting used to the hot water with a splash of gatorade or some fruity syrup. Give it a try, it's really not that bad.

mnor - I think I will be getting my results on the 5th as well. I have a guest coming from out of town on the 4th so I will be switching my appt to the 5th. Honestly, I used to never like coffee and then you sort of acquire a taste for it (kind of like eating lamb which I still can't do lol) so you are really not missing out on much.

Two+1 - were they just trying to confirm ovulation with the progesterone? In my clinic 8 is not bad at all

kmk - It is absolutely exciting! That really helps when you have a flexible work schedule. Takes the stress off a little having to fit all the monitoring into your schedule. I had to do mine every single day the last 6 days of stimming which is not normal. I had elevated estrogen so they had to monitor me super closely.

7 years ago

Hi Jandei and mnor0406 how are you feeling? Hope the waiting is going great!
Welcome to the group future mom...
Kmk.... so excited for you to start wishing you luck!!

AFM AF finally came today.... so I started taking tge estrogen this morning.... having my first appointment on April 8. Hope everything looks good by then so I can start progesterone and do transfer a few days after :)

7 years ago

Welcome futuredancemom! The whole IVF process is so exciting! Also crazy lol. But it's just so exciting to get started and being able to feel like you are 1 step closer to being a parent.

Ma-espe- yay for starting your transfer cycle!

Kmk- when do you start stimming? Yes, a supportive work place is so so helpful! Over all my IVF rounds I blew through like 28 sick days and most were 1/2 or partial days. So I missed at least some work on 50 or so work days over a year and 1/2 ish. Gasp! I'm usually the type of person who never misses a day unless I'm half dying. Thank goodness my boss was a woman lol

I'm starting to get anxious for beta day next week. Having some cramping and a couple other "symptoms". But from experience I always had more symptoms when I wasn't pregnant lol so not really paying much attention to them. I have stayed away from hpts so far. With my daughter I started testing 9dpo and got a faint bfp on 10dpo which is today for me. Luckily I don't even have any in the house.

7 years ago • Post starter

Thanks for the welcome everyone! :-)

Hey kmksmd - I love how Organized you are! I haven't received my box yet, but just looking at the list is kinda overwhelming! Whew! We all should be paid for the administrative duties of this journey!

Mnor, Jandei, MaEspe, Mnor0406 so cool that you all are pretty much around the same time... great way to usher in Spring!! :-)

I am sending up prayers for each of you. Feels nice to have comrades on this journey!

7 years ago

For ladies who've done iui how many times did it take to be successful? Had my first down last month and with being 14 dpo and Many negative test so I am just waiting for period to come .

7 years ago

ma_espe - glad to hear af showed up how are you handling the meds so far?

mnor - have you tested yet? How are you feeling?

two+1 - I can't really be of any help because all my IUIs were unsuccessful. Everyone is different and some get preg on their first try and for others it may take awhile. What was your diagnose?

futuredancemom - how're you doing?

afm - I am convinced my cycle didn't work out. Today I am 7dp5dt = 12dpo got a BFN this morning. I've been cramping pretty much since the day following the transfer. The last few days been feeling like AF will arrive soon. Bummer... Really starting to think I might have implantation issues but everything I'm reading just talks about a good, thick lining with the tri effect which is what mine is. I really have no clue what''s the deal really loosing hope it will happen for us. I know this is my first transfer but was super hopeful with transferring what my clinic called "the perfect" (looking) embryo. Mnor, I have to say I feel different now about transferring 2

7 years ago

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