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8dpo and IUI, 10 days post HCG Trigger

Ok so as stated I am 8 days past ovulation and IUI. I had the IUI on Christmas morning. I took my 250mg Ovidrel injection 10 days ago. And on days 3-7 I took Femara.

I had spotting 2dpo and 6po it was in my cm. Not a lot just enough for me to notice. I showed my hubby and he said he saw it plain as day. I am now 8 dpo and have had wicked vivid dreams, serious cravings along with no appetite too, nausea, stuffy nose, and just plain old tired..

I go for a blood test next Monday the 9th. The. I would be 15 dpo and 17 post trigger. Wondering when this trigger will be out of my system so I don't get a false positive. What do ou think I should do???

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I am feeling same vivid dreams sooo tired over things like gone off tea /coffee/ smoking and have food cravings i am 8dpo too due af on the 11th.

I will keep my fingers crossed for u xx

6 years ago

I am not sure about the trigger, but I can tell you that I'm also 8 dpo, and experancing vivid dreams, gas, bloating, sore nipples, and bad cramping. Your spotting sounds very promising! I know that ovulation spotting is an excellent sign of fertility. The dspotting at 2dpo could have been due to O! Good luck! Let us know what happens!!!

6 years ago

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