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Should I retest?

Hello all!

I feel like an idiot posting this question but, I feel lost. I have not been actively TTC for about a year. So my BF and I have relied on the PO method. It has worked for 8 years, or I thought. Recently, I have had strange symptoms that I am not familiar with. For example, CD 24 I was extremely uncomfortable, I felt tugging in my uterus that was only relieved by sitting u in bed. Then on CD 27, 28, 29- strong cramps that resembled AF like cramps. AF was due on CD 30, which was the 29 and she was a no show. On the 30th, i had light, pink CM my first bathroom trip of the day. I figured AF was starting and inserted a TP around 5:30 am. I continued to have AF like cramps so I decided to go to restroom, 3 hours later, and there was slight brown CM, barely covering the top of TP. I am currently 2 days late for AF and got a BFN's the 29th and 30th which was CD 30 and 31. Has anyone experienced anything like this and AF started late or got a BFP due to late implantation? I am so confused and not too thrilled to buy HPT for a let down. Please help!!

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Well, definitely I would retest. In my experience, I have had periods that start slow/late and much like you've described. I also had a pregnancy that started with heavy implantation bleeding which began on 13dpo and lasted 8 days. I got a BFP on a First Response on 13dpo right before the bleeding started, but all other tests were negative until the day the bleeding stopped, so on 22dpo. I kept testing because I just did not feel right, and was in fact pregnant.

Sorry this probably isn't very helpful, since you still might be pregnant but you also might not. If you are using the pull out method, I would say it is pretty unlikely though of course not impossible.

Good luck and I hope you get the result you're hoping for!!

AF due Oct. 22nd... If it's another , I'm going to start using OPKs for month#6. I wanted to avoid turning TTC into a science project, but I do really like peeing on sticks

5 years ago

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