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I'm currently 3DPO and absolutely hate the TWW! Was just wondering if there was anyone out there going through the same thing.

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Thank you for the prayers friends! Hubby has still not passed it yet, sadly he has been dealing with Kidney Stone issues since Nov. In mind Nov he had Lipotrispy done to break up the big stone..and well he was told that he some smaller stones still inside both sets of kidneys.. since then he would be fine and then one day have some pain... but for 2 weeks now he has been in pain and dealing with another stone... its close to passing but still hanging around it seems. They have gave him stuff to help relax and make it easier to pass it... but that stuff also has caused him to not to be able to umm release his little men... which I hope that doesn't have effect long term... Anyways thanks for listening to me..and praying for my husband.

Bride, I too no longer want to obess over ttc either.

Welcome Precioust! Good luck with the TWW

Lizzy, I know your very ready for your Romantic get away with hubby! I hope you have a lovely time away :)

Lily, Maybe its a girl ;)
He has been to a family doctor, then went for CT Scan and then to the urologist, then he went to the hospital for ESWL surgery, then lately he has went back to the family doctor, and then not long ago to the ER.

He says he can feel where its at, and its right up front so it seems like its gotta be close to passing. and he doesn't pass it soon then I guess we will be going back to the hospital for surgery.

6 years ago

Oh Fluff...I can't imagine the anguish you both must be feeling and the pain he is in. I cannot believe the docs haven't stepped in sooner to try to give him more relief. I hate it that it is affecting his day to day life and TTC too. Just doesn't seem fair! I will continue to pray for you guys. As I've said before, "No storm is permanent". This too shall, no pun intended. ;)

Precious, welcome to our sisterhood! So cool that you've been reading and catching up! It's a wonderful group of ladies...I'm sure you can tell that from all of the posts :)

So, I really think I did ovulate! I am shocked and hoping that I get some good news by the end of this month! I know one thing, miscarriage is possibly THE WORST thing a woman can ever go through and I'm going to be REAAALLLY praying for a normal pregnancy this time.

Have a great day everyone!
Jeremiah 29:11

6 years ago

ohh bride i too think i did ovulate.. i just hope we hit it this time.. i am not obsessing much on ttc and not putting too much pressure on it.. just enjoying every moment.. hope and pray to God we made it this time.. leaving everything according to His will.. for both of us..

lizzy how are you.. i know you are enjoying your valentine vacation with hubby.. hope you made it this time too..

precious you are very much welcome.. these ladies are so wonderful.. it's nice that you have been reading our post.. hope to hear more symptoms from you soon..

fluff you and hubby are in my prayers.. hope he recovered soon..

lily i think it is a girl too..

to all..

6 years ago

That's awesome, Bride! Hopefully you have some good news soon! And I agree, miscarriage is one of the worst things a woman can experience. And it jades you a bit the next time around. I wonder every time there is an ache or a pain. But, I'm having faith. Well, I hope you join me very soon! I'm praying for you!

Fluff, I'm praying for your husband too! Hope he's finding some relief.

Lhen, I can't wait for you to test!!

Precious, how's it going?

I'm 9 weeks today and actually starting to feel better. Nausea only strikes now, for the most part, if it's been awhile since I've eatten instead of me feeling queasy all day to some degree. Can it be...just three short weeks of that? We shall see.

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Lily, so glad you're beginning to feel better! I believe I'll be joining you shortly :) I think I'll start testing on Thursday at 10 dpo. I'm still "guessing" that I ovulated, but I'm pretty sure that I did.

It's been quiet on here lately...the waiting game has us quiet. lol!

6 years ago

Bride, that is wonderful you think you ovulated and will already be testing soon too!! you sound happy and hopeful. I hope you get wonderful news soon.

(if I am not mistaken the day you ovulated, was the day you normally would have right?) For some reason I remember us being cycle buddies/?

Lhen, I am hoping you hear good news too!! It would be amazing if we all got BFP this month lol

Lily, that is wonderful your starting to feel better, my friend said she went through the same thing and the only thing that even still gets her nausated is when she doesn't eat or have a snack.... maybe you are past that part :)

Hubby is still dealing with Kidney Stone issues, but he has been getting some relief and actually went into work today. Thanks for your prayers friends, keep praying for us though!

6 years ago

Hey ladies! So, I'm a goof-and-a-half, but I took a CB digital hpt last night and it read "NOT PREGNANT". Now, you'd think I'd be saddened, BUT that means the old hcg is for sure gone and now when I see another "PREGNANT" I can be sure it's a new pregnancy. I was pretty happy! I bought a 3 pack of them and will probably pee on all of them before! Then, I'll feel guilty and go buy $10 worth of Dollar Tree cheapies after. POAS addict is quite an understatement.

Fluff, glad your honey is getting some relief. Still praying this is over for him...and you very soon. Oh, and I DID, in fact, ovulate when I normally would have...kind of strange, but hey I'll take it! I too was thinking how totally great it would be for the remaining ladies here to get BFP's this month. Actually, I'd be happy if ANY of us get a BFP! That would make me just as excited :)

Blessings to you all! Lily, hoping your having a great day free of the "queasies". Lhen, hang in there girl! Lizzy, missing you chica! Precious, you still there? Let us know how you're doing!

My honey is off for the next 3 days so we are planning another date night tonight and I'm pretty excited about it. As much as I love our 5 kids and love spending time with them, it sure is nice to break away once in a while to just have some "us" time. We act like silly teenagers in love too :)

6 years ago

Bride, Yay for the remaining hcg being gone for sure!! That is kinda cool that you Ov around when you normally would have, so you gotta little longer to wait, so maybe you should get the dollar tree cheapies now ;) lol
I too would be very happy for any of us to get a BFP!
Woohoo for your honey being off for the next 3 days!! Enjoy your date night tonight :)

Hubby said he can feel that the stone must be close to passing now... his umm Man part is really hurting him right now.. hopefully he can pass it and be done with all this!

6 years ago

Hello Ladies~!! I just loved coming back and seeing all your positive posts while I was gone!!!

Bride...YAY!!! How many DPO's are you now??? I am so excited for you!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Fluff...I keep praying for your hubby!! Hopefully this mess passes soon!!!!

Lily...any news??? 9weeks!! my my it's really going along isn't it!!! So excited!!!

Lhen...where are you right now in your cycle dear??

As for me...well some wierd things happening this month!! First of all, my trip was AMAZING!!! And as you all know I am not peeing on anything this so I dont know when or if I am ovulating. I would like your opinion though...

SO the hubby and I BD'd on Saturday night and on sunday I woke up with a bit of ewcm...but it was only one occurance of it that morning and possibly during the night on saturday. Then it was gone. I haven't had any is the day I usually start having it...well yesterday I ussually ovulate tomorrow but nothing!!! Could I have really O'd that early??? I mean that was like CD 9/10!! So totally wierd!! AND I usually have DAYS of least 2 days of it!!!

Wierd right!! I don't know if this is our month but I dont really care!!! We had such an amazing time together!!! We really REALLY needed this little vaca to reconnect!! We are both SO busy!!!

Anyways...what do you ladies think??? Did I O or no???

Thanks Ladies~!~~ Hope your weekends were great and your week is greater!!! :)

Love you all!!

6 years ago

Hey, Bride! That's great news! Glad you are doing great and are in excellent spirits! Can't wait for testing news!!! I don't have the queasies, thankfully, unless I go too long without eating, which has been nice.

Fluff, hopefully that stone is gone for good soon!

Lizzy, soooo glad your trip went well! That's great! It is possible to ovulate early. I ovulated on CD11 last time. I think EWCM started showing up by CD7. Anything's possible. You did have CM so that's a great sign! Can't wait for you to get some symptoms!!!

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