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I'm currently 3DPO and absolutely hate the TWW! Was just wondering if there was anyone out there going through the same thing.

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That's awesome, Bride! What a great church family you have! And by the way, my name is Jaime!

6 years ago • Post starter

Bride, That is so wonderful, you have a lovely church family! Joni :)

My name is Jennifer :)

6 years ago

Wow, look at all of our "J" names! Jaime, Jennifer, Joni! Haha!

I do have a wonderful church family and so blessed that even though I'm on staff there, my boss/pastor allows me to stay home with my kids and work from home. The church I was on staff at formerly, in Louisiana, wasn't like that....I had regular office hours everyday, all day, and it tore me up inside being away from my kids. I feel like I've hit the lotto where we are now! You can peek at our website if you want...and learn a little bit more about me :) Here's the link to the staff have to use the little arrow on the right to scroll down to each staff member. Then there's a little "scrolly bar" thing there too that allows you to read the full content.

6 years ago

And I am but you guys probably already knew that!! :)

Bride (Joni) What a great church family you have!! I wish I could find one so lovely here in nebraska!!! I have been looking for just the right place for me for years and just can seem to find one that fits!!! Sometimes it takes a while to find the right family but it is always worth the wait!!!

I just know that things are going to turn around for you soon...even though I know we have been saying that for a while now!!! Soon you will be back waiting with me for the TWW!!!

I am afraid I will be here again next month as I tested again today...and BFN :( Maybe yesterday's really was the evilest of EVAPS :( Oh well...when at first you don't succeed...and all that :)

AF is due today or tomorrow and there is no sign of her cramping either but I am having a bit of increased CM and my breasts aren't sore but they are a bit tender... :) All positive signs but we all KNOW how our bodies can betray us sometimes!!!

I will just have to be patient and see how things work out between now and tomorrow!!

LILY (Jaime)...hows it going honey???? Anything going on over there?? Have you been having any symptoms lately?

I am worried for LHEN...hope she is doing well!!!

Fluff (Jen) - How are you today???

Have a great day ladies...and I am thinking of you all!!!

6 years ago

Nice pic, Lizzy!! You and Joni are beautiful ladies!!! Don't worry about today's test. They all have varying degrees of sensitivity, even in the same box. You are having great symptoms!

I'm wondering about Lhen too.

As far as my symptoms go, beginning about a week ago, I started feeling queasy off and on, especially when I haven't eaten in a bit. It's nothing horrible. I had the same thing with my daughter. If this is the worst, I can't complain, but I'm just 7 1/2 weeks so it could get worse before it gets better. We'll see.

All right, well you ladies take care!!

6 years ago • Post starter

LOL thanks Lily!! I was trying to find one that didn't look all funky and misshapen!!! :) The tiny pictures are hard to make look right :)

6 years ago

Love the pic, Lizzy! I agree it's so hard to find one that fits into the perfect square format on here. HANG IN THERE, SISTA! I think your symptoms are very promising. You could have implanted later.

I too am worried about Lhen. I hope she's alright.

Lily (Jaime), OH how being queasy stinks, but at least it does end at some point. I would get queasy with my boys and dry heave all day long. HATED it.

Forgot to mention earlier that I tested positive again this morning. It was probably the lightest line yet though and it was FMU. Hallelujah! Today is day 35 of the bleeding saga though. Still brownish/red with the black junk. Boo. On a positive note, my little girl started walking today...took about 3 steps. She seems so tiny to be walking. She's always been tiny...weighed just 5 lbs. 12 oz at birth. She looks like a 6 month old, not a one year old. lol!

6 years ago

No dry heaving here, thankfully. It's mild queasiness, but I find I do have to eat something at least every two hours or it creeps up on me.

My daughter's tiny too, Bride. She's 2 1/2 and she only weighs 26 or 27 pounds. She looked very freakish too when she started walking. She started trying at 8 months, but actually started walking at 9 MONTHS!! If you can believe that! She was so little, and it was so funny. She was one determined little momma. We say she got it from her grandma. My mom walked at 8 months! Well, I'm glad it's calming down for you, Bride, and what a great thing for you today as a mommy. That's definitely a bright spot in all this darkness.

6 years ago • Post starter we go again ladies!! AF showed bright and early this morning just like always!!! A nagging little feeling told me this wasn't my month so I am not too disappointed!!

I promised God that I would trust in his plan, so I didn't cry but it took a lot of energy to not cry :)

So...let the fun begin again!!! Here is hoping that Bride is finding some peace and gets back to normal and we can start our 2ww together :)

Love you ladies!! Hope your weekends are very relaxing and nice!! :)

6 years ago

Bride (Joni) - That is so wonderful you have found a place that God meets your spiritual needs and is a wonderful place to be. I checked out your website but my work blocks lots of photo etc.. so I will have to check it out later at home lol
I am glad to hear that your test are getting lighter, that is a good sign! and you must be soo proud of your little girl... how exciting!! It is good to have those nice moments in these dark one's they can out shine the dark times!

((Lizzy)) I am sorry AF did show up... (hugs) I know it takes alot of energry to not cry and be strong... I hate those nagging feelings of "not your month" I always hope to prove them wrong but usually it ends up being true. But soon you will be trying again you know the fun part ;)

I hope Lhen is doing well too...Its been a little while.. maybe she just had somethings going on?

This month has been so wacky and I haven't really got to chart these past few days, did try this morning but I also didnt sleep so great (so who know's) I am thinking about taking a break this month and just go with the flow ... *shrugs* Something I should spend some time in prayer about, I suppose.

6 years ago

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