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Current 11dpo looking for fellow first timers for support

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Hi all, we have been TTC our first for 6 months now and I have been on these boards reading almost every single day, this process has now gotten so obsessive to me my DH is tired of me over analyzing everything only to be let down with a BFN every single month.

I'm 11dpo now, AF is due on Saturday (5/14) and I have taken probably 6 internet cheapies since 9dpo and I keep getting BFN. Every month I feel like I get the symptoms, then just chalk them up to AF time. This month has been a bit different:

0-7dpo: Not much change, I just noticed I was VERY gassy (like I am during AF) and bloated
8dpo: breasts got very tender and I was woken up to cramps during the night.
9dpo: breasts still tender, starting to get noticeable veins, mild cramps on and off again waking me up in the night. BFN (tested today because of Mother's Day, thought it would be a sign and a welcome surprise)
10dpo: Still bloated/gassy, breast tenderness goes down, veins disappearing, thick CM appears BFN
11dpo: Today - breasts only sore to the touch. Still bloated and gassy. No hints of anything else.

I am one who has VERY painful cramps at AF time and never thought I really cramped beforehand, the last few months I've gotten these mild cramps a couple of days early which then led to AF, but this time they were a full 7 days before AF which has never happened and I feel this is making me obsess even more.

I hope you ladies accept me into the community! I just know and hope having some support will help ease my mind and if another BFN pops up I know I will need the help to get through it and start from scratch again :(

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Hi Ladies,
@luckykap- My fingers are crossed that you get a big BFP!

@Sheena - Have fun BDing and hopefully this will be your month!

@Jenna - Stress free months are awesome - I did the same in August and am so glad I did, especially since we were able to get into the fertility clinic so quickly and it's been a super intense month.

@babybump - I think we are a similar cycle times, so you are probably about to enter your fertile window - happy BDing! Hopefully this is the month!

As for me, I have good news and bad news. I had the saline infusion ultrasound - to be honest the worst part was when she was trying to find my cervix with the speculum - mine tends to be hanging out to the left (like noticable enough that I can tell when I use a tampon). She under estimated how far left and was not the most gentle of individuals. The actual infusion was not terribly comfortable, but no worse than AF cramps on the first day. So the good news is, my tubes are clear, uterus is great - all is a-okay with my cervix.

So I was feeling pretty good about it all, until they gave me the results of the follicle scan. I am CD 10/11 (AF came with a vengence in the afternoon - so the clinic calls it day 10, but I would call it day 11) and my follicle is still only 1 mm. They are supposed to grow 1-2 mm a day, so I should be 7-15 mm today.

I have to go back for another ultrasound on Sat for them to check, but it looks like my body is not growing follicles very well. My heart is a little broken at the moment - I was being foolishly optimistic that the problem must have been my B12 levels and we just hadn't given it enough time. *sigh

I am still digesting it all - I'll keep you all posted...

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Hi All,
I hope you are all having fun if you are in your FW!

Well, things took a complete 180 for me today. I would actually be more upset with how my clinic dealt with things on Thursday, if it weren't for the fact that I am so happy with where I am at the moment.

I went in today for another sonogram and some blood work. It was actually a different location (they have multiple locations for my clinic and the one I usually go to is not open on Saturdays). Once the testing was done, I had the opportunity to talk with the Doctor. First off - he told me that I have one dominant follicle that is 15 mm.......HOLD THE PHONE.....15mm! How is that possible given the "1" size I was told at the clinc on Thursday, which was the exact same measurement as on day 3 of my cycle. I asked for clarification and he said that the measurement they gave me previously was in cm, not mm. So I really had a 10 mm follicle on CD3 that was still 10 mm on CD 10, which now, 2 days later is 15 mm. My lining was at an 8.7 - which he said was great and that I will likley ovulate in the next couple of days.

So in 48 hours I went from being thrilled that my saline sono looked great, to follicles not growing, you may need meds, to now everything looks great and I should ovulate in the next couple of days......Alright then, it's super confusing, but I'll take it....that's not all though.

The Dr. then said, "Did the nurse talk to you about medication on Thursday" which I replied, she said that I would likely be talking to Dr. Soliman about medication next week, depending on the results of today. He replied, no, I mean regarding your thyroid results......[insert blank stare]........

Apparently, my thyroid stimulating hormone levels are up, not massively, up elevated enough that it could be causing my infertility and if I were to have gotten pregnant, the baby would have been at risk of thyroid disorders, cognitive impairments or even at risk of neural tube defects.

I did some reading and it makes complete sense with some of the other results I have gotten from my previous blood tests and such, slightly elevated LDL's, low B12, low BBT.

So I filled the prescription for thyroxine this afternoon and I start tomorrow. They are still tracking me for the rest of this cycle. Hubby wants to hold off and wait to get his sperm tested in about a month when he's totally quit smoking.

I feel like for the first time in a long time that there is hope. I don't care if it takes us another year to get pregnant - I just wanted to know whether it was even possible. Man this stuff is a rollar coaster!

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Wow! That is a lot of info! But thats some good news/bad news I guess, bad that it hasn't happened but good it hasn't because it could have been a problem. But they did say now you know you can and it might happen right!? Did they say any chances of it happening this cycle with O being so close??

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So they still want to monitor me until I ovulate (likely only 1-2 more visits). They said to go ahead and start BD'ing (though they only recommended every other day - I have read conflicting views on that and it might be hard for DH to hold off between days - so we'll see about that).

They said that had I gotten pregnant, they would have immediately started me on it but there would have been no guarentee that there would not have been an affect on the baby since it exclusively gets throyid hormones from the mom until around 12 weeks.

They were pretty guarded about whether this was the sole factor contributing to my infertility up to this point - but I of course came home and googled it - I tend to stick to published research when I let Dr. Google take the wheel, and what I found was that the were a number of studies that found that a large number of women in the otherwise unexplained infertility category that had subclinical hypothyroidism (what I have), and once corrected many were able to go on and concieve naturally! Literally, music to my ears!!! Hubby and I have had a lot of coversations over the last week as I have been getting results, talking about what we are comfortable with doing and what we aren't comfortable doing and he didn't like the idea of IUI or IVF at I am hopeful that this is our issue and once corrected we will be able to just do it the ol' fashion way!

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In awful waiting mode here....

8 dpo today took test was negative of course just had o do it ack... Expect period on Saturday but hopefully it doesn't come :)

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twwtoolong thats great news then knowing you may actually have a good chance from here on out!

Sheena keep us posted! And you know 8dpo is too early so don't take a BFN as 100% just yet :) I'm either O'ing or 1dpo today, I'm gonna go with 0 though so just in case I don't accidentally test early or anything. Im trying not to track this cycle and we only BD on cd 11 and 14 using preseed, so thats about the only thing different. It's hard to stay positive thinking there's actually a chance it could happen, but I'm trying! AF is expected around the 23rd or 24th

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@Sheena - I second babybump - hang in there, it may be way too early. They say that implantation might not occur until 9-11 dpo! I found this site really helpful during my tww last cycle (
You can enter your ovulation date and it will calculate how much HcG would likley be in your system depending on when implantation might have occured. I bought a bunch of internet cheapies, so they won't detect anything under 25 mui/ml - it really helped me to hoold off on testing too early and not being too crushed if I did give in to poasing.

@babybump - I had another check up today and my dominant follice is upto 18.7 mm and my lining is up to 12.7 - So everything looks on track and I should ovulate anytime now. I actually had a positive OPK yesterday - we bd'd Saturday and yesterday morning, so hopefully tonight and tomorrow will do the trick. The more I think about it, the more I am super pissed at the nurse that I had last Thursday - she didn't given me the prescription for the Synthroid like she was supposed to and was a massive downer - didn't explain things well at all and lead me to believe for two days that there may be something super wrong with me and gave me no explaination as to why. That was a really shitty way to feel for 48 hours.

Either way, it's been a bit overwhelming but interesting, doing this whole investigative cycle business. I will be glad to have the results, but doing it is not fun at all. Massive props to the women out there who are long and deep in the journey with infertility and using ART - I already feel like I live at the RE's office, I can't imagine how you feel!

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Hi Ladies,
So had my last ultrasound visit for this cycle! Yipee!!!

They had called me on Monday and said that I was having an LH surge - anything over 20miU/ml is considered a surge and I had a value of 84. So I was likley going to ovulate in the next 12-36 hours. I felt some discomfort yesterday - kind of a pinchy type of feeling on my right side and my ultrasound this morning confirmed that I had indeed ovulated. They also mentioned that I had one cyst on my left ovary, but it doesn't seem to be growing, so they aren't too concerned about it at the moment. It's fairly common, sometimes they rupture on their own or will just hang out for a while. As long as it doesn't increase in size it shouldn't cause any trouble.

I have to go back in a week for one last blood test to check my progesterone levels to make sure they are high enough to sustain my lining and let our little bean stick and then if I haven't had a period by the 28th, than I go back in for a beta blood test.

Hubby, still hasn't made his "donation" but they said to wait until next cycle. 1- if I am pregnant, it would be a waste of time and money. 2 - he has to obstain and it's still technically our fertile window.

It's funny, when we started this, he was ok with everything and on board with at least getting ourselves checked out to make sure that everything is ok. Now, he's starting to have some reservations (I think he's nervous aobut his results if I am being honest). Any of you other ladies out there have similar issues with your partners? Any advice on how I can encourage him and reduce the nerves would be greatly appreciated.

We were also supposed to do a post coital test and we just couldn't get our timing right for it (you have to do it within a specific window in your cycle when you have fertile cm, but not too close to ovulation, because it can change really quickly. So if I am not pregnant, than we will have to start again next cycle and monitor until ovulation so they can check and see if everything is ok with my cm and that it's not killing his swimmers.

Either way, this whole process has been super informative, I am really hoping that perhaps my thyroid was the only problem that they can find.

Hope things are well with everyone - sorry to the book of a message!

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How is everyone??

Negative test yesterday but period due today and hasn't come yet....

Waiting waiting :/

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Aw just wait it out Sheena!

I'm at about 6dpo now, AF is due next weekend-ish so I'll be in the same boat as you then.

Any symptoms?

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