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4DPO the dreadful TWW!

Hey everyone!

Just started the TWW. I am 4DPO anyone want to wait it out with me. Looking for some buddies!!

To all!!!

Praying for baby number 3!

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Hey! Im on my TWW now aswell, I think im 3-4 DPO. I had a miscarriage in July 15 and ever since then I have been wanting a baby so this is my 2nd month TTC :) good luck to you! I know it sounds crazy but have you had any kinds of symptoms yet? I know its still early! Xx

5 years ago

Hey Time and welcome ;)

I lost my son at 36weeks. It will be a year on the 26th so I get your pain. It is so unfair that we have to go through this!.

I am also 4dpo (obviously) LOL

I do feel stuff but not sure if its in my head. I definitely feel pressure and light cramping/ gassy/ boobs feel like the are on fire. Twinges now in the in my tummy. Nothing too crazy I do remember feeling like this during the two last time.

What about you?

Praying for baby number 3!

5 years ago • Post starter

Hello Miam, that is absolutely devastating to hear! Yes it is so unfair that we have to go through that! I miscarried at 13 weeks so no where near as far along as you!

Yeahh i have had lots of gas and also twinges in my private area haha! But again I dont know if its all in my head! I was reading a forum yesterday with women who had symptoms as early as us (as well as a gut instinct) and most of them were pregnant!

I hate the TTW :( xx

5 years ago

Morning Time!

A loss is a loss.. Doesn't matter if you are 2weeks or 40weeks. Its still sad .

This is where it gets tricky .. We know these signs are there, or at least I do but not sure if those signs have to do with pregnancy or ovulation or PMS. Everything is so similar. But I definitely believe in women's intuition..

Today woke up my temp was a little lower but I read that's normal it could be implantation but don't want to get my hopes up I have been gassy a little crampy probably from gas. But there pretty much it so far.

How are you feeling today?

Praying for baby number 3!

5 years ago • Post starter

Hello, sorry for replying so late! I was so busy yesterday!

Yes, any loss is a loss andi strongly believe that everything happens for a reason! :)

Yes the signs are a LOT like PMS and I dont really know what ovulation feels like as i dont tend to get any symptoms from it! :(
Today I have started getting a LOT of CM more than i usually would on previous cycles! Hope thats a good sign i also have very mild backaches throughout the day! How are you feeling today?
Wishing us all my luck!

5 years ago

That sounds promising!!

Today still gassy sorry. Lol
Mild cramps and pinches no really any CM kinda wet if anything.
My chest is a lot fuller and some pain and some pelvic discomfort here and there. other then that no too much different then usual.

Praying for baby number 3!

5 years ago • Post starter

Sorry It has taken me two days to reply, still really busy!

That sounds promising for you too! Fingers crossed! I had very bad bloating last night ans one of my boobs are sore, only one hahaa strange! But i couldnt resist and took a pregnancy test today (6days earlier ones) and it came up straight away with a faint (but definitely there) positive!!! :)
I am going to test again over the next few days and let you know :)

Have you taken any tests yet? I dont have any willpower haha it's embarrassing!

Good luck hun x

5 years ago

That's OK.. That is amazing congratulations!!!!!!!

Yes please keep me updated

No I haven't I am so scared to. I haven't really had many symptoms. I really want this to happen !!

Have you had a lot of Cm?

Praying for baby number 3!

5 years ago • Post starter

Thank you!!! :) but im not going to take it as a definite because it is still early, I will try and get a photo of it for you and see what you think!?

Yeah I was scared to aswell but my tests arrived this morning so I thought I may aswell but not get my hopes up! Its still very early and every woman is different! Also i may have ovulated earlier than what i thought because I didnt keep track as much this month!

Yes lots of CM changing from creamy to eggwhites! Sorry tmi! Haha!
Have you got any?

:) xxx

5 years ago

Hello ladies. From reading your posts, I think we're around the same timing... Today I am 9 DPO and CD24.... this TWW is killer! The temptation to take a test right now is very high, but I'm going to try and wait it out till Monday.

5 years ago

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