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Some way to differentiate between....

... symptoms of those TTC using fertility aids and those without would be excellent.

If there could be something like a "member match" of some sort so women having the most common fertility aids with each other can compare their symptoms with one another.

For example all women using injectibles, then a trigger shot, and then IUI (like me) should be able to compare post IUI symptoms with other women using similar protocols.

It would help us a lot as now women like myself compare our symptoms with other pregnant women "in general" and are sometimes lead to believe that we might actually be pregnant whereas most of the symptoms are due to medication (I've learned through other forums).

Me: Hypopituitarism, slightly atrophied ovaries. DH: no issues Naturally tried: 2008 Clomid + OPKs: 2009 - 2010 FSH + timed intercourse: Sep 2011 IUI#1: October 2011 IUI#2: November 2011 IVF#1: FEbruary 2012 User ImageUser Image User Image

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I think you have a really great idea!

4 years ago

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