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Anybody else 6DPO? Wish I can stop thinking about it but I just want to be pregnant so much.

We are feeling very positive this time.

Would love to hear from anybody else who just wants to get through this 2ww with me.

Wishing you all lots of baby dust!

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hi! I am also 6dpo. I dont have any symptoms this month, but I had everyone for the past 2 months and here I sit. So hopefully my body is playing tricks on me and I really am pregnant. Lol. I wish I could fast forward till 14DPO!!!

6 years ago

Hi MrsFires!!

I'm exactly 6DPO today as well, this wait is killing me! :) How are you doing with the wait? How are your symptoms? I was feeling very hopeful yesterday, was nauseous a few times over the weekend, especially when traveling, or before/after eating, sore BBS (underarms), tired, etc.. but today, I feel like my symptoms have all lessened.. Super tired still today, but all other symptoms are hardly there.. if not gone.
Would love to hear how your symptoms are coming along. How long have you been TTC?
Baby Dust to you!

6 years ago

I'm 7dpo... and I'm waiting with you ladies.

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6 years ago

Hi Destiny! Any symptoms on your end? How long have you been TTC? :)

6 years ago

Not a whole lot of symptoms... I try not to read too much into them.

Constipation (tmi) has been the major one. Everything else has been minor: fatigue/sleepiness, gas, and tingling around the top of my breasts.

Just counting down the days...

Oh, I've been TTC since March. I was successful the first try, but I had a MMC in April and a D&C in May. My cycles started to normalize again in August so this is the 4th cycle that I've consistently tried.

How are you doing over there??

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6 years ago

So sorry about your MC. So Heartbreaking! I'm sorry, I'm new to this, what is a D&C?
I'm hoping lots of BABY DUST to you and that this is your month!! :) :)
I'm doing good, thank you! Just trying to go through the day without thinkin! Need to get back to my roots of faith, and believe that HE has a plan and that I am NOT in control of it! Perhaps that will let me become calm and busy :)


Anyone have any good ideas for staying busy, and not thinking of a possible bun in the oven? LOL!

6 years ago

Hi ladies, I'll be 6dpo tomorrow:) I've had some gas and cramping, that's about it. This is my 5th month ttc. Hope this is my month, especially since I just found out my brother and his wife are pregnant AND my husbands sister. Neither of them were trying, go figure.

6 years ago

Hi Ladies - Thought I'd join in! I am also 6dpo and really going crazy over here... in fact, I gave in this morning and took a test. Such a bad idea! I know it's way too early, and it was a blue dye test (which I swore I would never take again), and it came back with a very thin, faint positive. But I know the line has to be thick in order for it to be a true positive, so it did absolutely no good!

I had what I thought were symptoms up until today - nausea, slight cramping, sore bbs. frequent peeing, dry mouth - but then today it seemed like everything went away.

Trying to be patient and not obsess! (But not very successfully.)

Good luck to everyone, and looking forward to hearing all of your updates!

6 years ago

Hello Ladies!! Glad to make your acquaintance!

@janeann -- Thank you for your kind words, sweetie! I believe in my heart this is my month too! I'm just waiting on confirmation lol!! Oh yeah, a D&C (dilation and curettage) is a surgical procedure in which the doctor removes the contents of your uterus. They can perform it for other gynecological reasons as well besides miscarriages.

So today... as far as symptoms go, I've minor boob twinges here and there and dull abdomen twinges -- but that very well could be the constipation.

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6 years ago

Hi Mamas to Be!!

@Kebs- Isn't that the truth?? It blows my mind that people get prego on accident and us gals who are PLANNING and WATCHING and TRYING during our time don't! It's unreal. I hope this is your month too! BABY DUST!

@NewBeginnings- I just took a test this morning too! LOL! 7 DPO I have now learned is WAY TO EARLY. That or I'm really not prego?? But it's so tempting! Does anyone know when we SHOULD test? I saw a lot of BFP at 10DPO? And is Blue Dye bad? I had Pink Dye.. I didn't know if there was a difference to look out for? Also, my symptoms are completely gone too. Like- GONE. Let's hope perhaps that's a good sign?

@Destiny- Glad to hear you're having some promising symptoms!! (Including constipation!) LOL! BABY DUST TO YOU!!

6 years ago

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