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11 DPO BFN on a FRER then BFP????

Hi ladies!

I'm probably grasping at straws here but thought I would throw this question out there & see if this has happened to any of you ladies.

My cycles are 26 days, I ovulated on day 13. I'm 11 DPO today & due for AF in 3 days (so, 4 days away from my supposed missed period). I used a FRER both yesterday & today (on 10 & 11 DPO) & got BFN's!!

I guess what throws me off is the fact that according to the info on here (and survey) for FRER, by 11 DPO most people (over 80%) get their BFP's by now.....but I'm still 3 days away from my you think there is still a chance for me or do you think by now a FRER would have picked up something??

Thanks ladies!!!! Baby dust to all!!!

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I'm in the same boat. I used the FRER 6 Days sooner on DPO 10 and 11 and got BFNs. I'm 12 dpo today and not taking a test today. I'm certainly hoping we are both not out.

My gums have been so sore that just brushing my teeth feels like someone punched me in the mouth. I called my dentist and she said that it sounds like I'm pregnant and that it is actually a very common symptom, but just not widely known and to call her back if I'm not pregnant. She then very happily said, I don't expect you to call me back. :)

I'm sure hoping she's right, but my symptoms so far today seem to have really lightened up. Maybe it's because I'm feeling out today?

Crossing my fingers for us both!!!

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6 years ago

Good luck!! I'll keep my fx'd for ya! The bleeding/sore gums sounds like promising symptoms to me!!

I've had some sx too & normally, I don't have any. Just a little example....this morning I woke up starving & grabbed the first thing I saw (a banana), well after about 2 bites I started to feel queezy....I'm like "how can a banana make me feel sick"? It quickly went away who knows?! I just hope this is not all in my head!!

I have one FRER test left in the 3-pack I bought & I'm not going to test until I'm late! Honestly, I'm so sick of seeing BFN's!!!

Keep in touch & let me know how everything turns out... when is AF due for you?


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i dont really like frers. theyre ok but i havent got a good clear positive out of them. i have done quite a few of those frer tests over the past few months and i also got tired of seeing disapointing negatives. this month i did use them i did three and the first one i did a few days before my period was due and it was faintly very faintly positive. the second one i did was really hardly there at all and the third one is also faint and barely even there. then i tried a pregnosis and there was a second line but it was skinny. i did another pregnosis yesterday afternoon and it was negative so i was thinking maybe im not but i just feel like i am preggers so i had one last clearblue test and took it last night and there is definately a second blue line it isnt hard to see and it showed up within seconds :))) i believe i am now and im going to take a few more clearblues to see them get darker :))) i think its good to try other tests and just see what comes up so baby dust to you and i hope you are preggers! :)

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