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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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girls I'm so down, I think I'm out this month.. I'm having PMS acne..

8 years ago

Hello ladies,

pinkster123 - IUI is insemination :-)

Chekai - :-) I have been eating royal jelly for 2 days, because lot of women swears that it helps a lot for fertility and for a regular cycle...It has a truly ugly taste but my husband thinks I am fond of its bizarrrrrrrreness :-)

AKHopeful - I know how difficult it is not to test...every cycle I promise myself not to do so, but I fail at some would not be a problem with BFPs but with negatives one it is a huge disappointment...which would come anyway but still. I also bought cheap ones from Amazon, so at least I do not have to bare the financial side of it...

Queena - lets try to forget about symptoms...try to look the situ from are down because of might mean nothing :-) I know that we are examining our body like a mathematical chart...but it is still "just" a body...if you know it 100% well, then you might be right...but it allow it to (dis)function.... and do not loose hope just because of acnes... (however, I know how much one can hate acnes... )

I went to the Doc, who told me that we go for IUI next week... and if it wont work than the next step in is IVF (lombic baby)... She said that our cycle really can wary between 22-28 days from months to months and nothing to worry about if the hormone shows that your menopause is further away. She said that then it is normally gets shortened but heavier (which is not true in my case, and the hormon shows I have many good fertile years ahead). Anyway, next week I have to go to UH to find out how my ovaries are doing and few days after insemination....and 2ww... hardly can wait!
Wish you all the best! I soon want to hear about a or many of them :-)


8 years ago • Post starter

Sometimes I guess it's best for our guys to just remain "in the dark" about a lot of this stuff!

pinkster, where do you find Royal Jelly ?

queena, don't let it get you down, I've read that acne can also be a symptom of pregnancy in some women.

AKHopeful, I know all too well how tempting it is to test - I told myself I'd wait to 14 dpo this month, but I doubt I'll wait that long - I didn't last time!

I'm sipping my chaste berry tea right now - it's not too bad.
I had the yuca yesterday - it came out really good!

Good luck to everyone!

8 years ago

I think I o last night, hard to tell really. But both me and my dbf are down sick. Him with a cold and me with bronchitis. Yay me. Right now my utrus hurts but I did just put a spare tire on the car, and my cm is kind of yellow, but could that be from all the antibiotics? I don't know if we hit the mark this month, but right now we ar in the "if it happenes it happens" mood. Being sick sucks. I wish you all the best.
Queena (I think) acne can be a sign of pregnancy. It can eather increase or decrease.
Cheapo test suck. Good price, but buying them will soon catch up with you. I have seen a link for pregnancy tests at the bottom of the pages here. $.060 a piece, and cheaper if you buy bulk. Also free shipping on orders over $15. Worth looking at.
Wishing you the best with your IUI.
Hoping to see some soon. Much luck.

8 years ago

Hiya, I agree about the spots, only usually get them just before I come on, this time I had them 2 weeks before and come on 3 days late, (im never late) and then I now have the worst period ever, never usually have cramping for 2 days so think it must have been a very early miscarriage? :(

8 years ago

Hi ladies, I'm 7dpo. I've been having creamy cervical fluid and usually it dries up shortly after ovulation. Does anyone know anything about cervical fluid post ovulation and if creamy cf can be an indicator of pregnancy?

8 years ago

Hi, everyone. I don't know where I am right now. I mean, I'm on CD16 but I'm confused as to when I ov. I usually o around CD18, we last night(around midnight) and plan to again tomorrow, but this morning I noticed a change in my CM that seems to indicate that I ov. yesterday. ugh! I'm confused now! Oh well, I hope we caught that egg!

Baby dust and bfp's to all!

8 years ago

I've heard many times that ewcm is a an early sign of pregnancy.. hope that's your first sign danibre..

chekai.. hope you caught it! i think you're getting lucky..

pinkster, no one will ever know if it was an early miscarriage, but I believe it's a very small chance of it happening, because once the egg is succefully fertilised.. chances are it will succefully implant as well so... good luck for this time!

yoyokim, hope you're feeling better?

and thank you szonja..

as for me, I noticed that my nose is stuffed the last couple of days, and although I do have allergies but usually it's not that bad.. so that gave me a little hope. Although my skin is still breaking out :(
I'm about 11 DPO AF is due 1/17 so we'll see..

well... thanks everyone..
hope you're all feeling well.

8 years ago

Thank you Queena, I have added you as a friend hope thats ok, and good luck, keeping my loins crossed for you ;) -x-

8 years ago

Okay ladies I need you. I'm 9dpo which I know is still really early to test. I looked at stats and 47% of positives still show as negative if tested on that day. But I had three tests so I was like I'll do one early just for the heck of it see if there's even the faintest of lines. I've also watched the gallery a lot to see what faint lines look like. So at first I'm like okay it's totally negative not even a shadow then I went under a bright light and felt like I could see the faintest shadow. So I took it apart and looked at it and there is definitely a slight and I mean SLIGHT line where if I showed my husband he would probably be like I don't see anything. But there's a cast of a shadow in a straight line. Could that be the first signs of hcg being detected? Should I test again tomorrow or wait two days? Omg please let this be it.

8 years ago

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