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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Thanks for the input Pinkster. I wasn't sure b/c cervix threw me off - I mean, it was soft, high and open yesterday, even though it looked like I had o'd already.

So, we again this morning - just in case. Wishing you all the best as we tackle this tww together! Am really hopeful this time!!

7 years ago

Hey everyone, I hopefully found a donor. He is reading the agreement and will get back to me. I took a OPK test and got a faint +, so I'm hoping if he agrees to help me we can start soon.
I also got the soft cups for the AI and tried them out. It's a bit uncomfortable but I got it right the first try and second . I really hope this works out for me. It just feels so right.

AKHopeful keep up hope. God will make it happen when it is time. I read about people putting in soft cups after DTD to keep all the sperm next to the cervix. It might be worth a try.

Pinkster123 you and DH have such a great attitude. We all got to remember to have fun. Stress can effect fertility so just relax nad have fun. Wishing you luck.

Chekai wish you good luck this tww.

7 years ago

Hello again, ladies! Am trying not to get my hopes up, and I know it's really early, but my chart is looking great! I'm so excited - temps continue to rise!

My temps have done this before, however, so I'm trying not to get excited yet.

Keeping you all in my prayers!

7 years ago

Hi, again, ladies. I have a question for any of you who have been preggo before... I'm at 6dpo and no real symptoms other than a dull tenderness/pain just below my navel. Could this possibly be implantation pain ?

I know, I'm driving myself crazy during this tww! Am so hopeful, but trying to remain realistic - I don't wanna' set myself up for a disappointment, ya' know ?

Anyway, if anyone could answer my question, I'd really appreciate it.

Good luck to all!

7 years ago

Yoyokim I have tried both the softcups and the diva cup. I really liked the softcups for keeping me nice and clean after DTD, however I did that for over 3 months and still no luck so I stopped using them thinking maybe it was counter productive for me

Chekai I wish I could help you but I've never been pregnant but your chart and everything seams hopeful!

pinkster123 Thank you for the encouraging words! I sure hope that he comes around soon!! However he has been working really hard (Manual labor) the last couple of months and it has been 80 plus degree weather and lets just say I'm sure his "environment" has not been cool and sperm friendly so I'm kinda thinking I should just not even get my hopes up until the weather cools down again.

I am now CD11 and SOOOO freaking confused! I was so upset this month that I just told myself I wasn't even going to try or get my hopes up or anything...and I'm still not, however I had EW CM the last two days and now today it is creamy and sticky... I have not been temping because of the whole not trying thing but now I'm curious and thinking I may have actually O'ed CD9...

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7 years ago

Hello lovely ladies (11DPO)
AK-you could still take 1 temp and see if it has gone up to what it used to after ov or maybe do an OPK, I struggled with the soft cups as well although managed to use it once this cycle as we had to go out straight after BD so gave it another go
Chekai-cycle buddy, your temps look fandabbydozy have you tested yet, I did yesterday and had a line but today its not so strong and my temp shot down which is weird for me at 11dpo, AF not due for another 4 days yet, still hoping of course like we always do how are you feeling, any symptoms Im afraid I dont remember that far back but earliest symptoms I remember was sickness at 6 weeks
Yoyo-hope things went well with the new doner
Hope everyone is ok, any updates?????
& to all -x-x-x-x-

7 years ago

Thanks, ladies. I'm so hopeful this time, but trying not to get my hopes up, b/c I've had practically NO symptoms!

Other than a tenderness, almost bruised feeling about 2 inches below belly button , which is kinda' weird. Thought I may have felt some kind of mild cramping near ovary, but could have been all in my mind.

Pinkster, no, I haven't tested yet. I'm trying to wait till 14 dpo (11 dpo now) I'm tempted to, but I don't wanna' waste a test, ya' know ?

I really haven't had any symptoms, so I'm thinking I may be out, but then again, ya' never know!

Good luck to you all!

7 years ago

pinkster123 Im really regretting the not temping thing right now! I guess I could start tomorrow and just compare the temps to before but its summer so I'm not sure what my regular temp would be. I haven't temped since March now...

Chekai Don't give up hope yet! Everyone I talk to who has been pregnant says they didn't have any symptoms until 6-8 weeks so its completely normal to not have any yet.

Today I am having some serious left ovary pain so I think I am actually ovulating this early... So weird! DH is out of town this week so no BD for us Oh well whats another month at this point

I think I am going to use an ovulation test tonight when I get home just to see what that says...

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7 years ago

Chekai-yes its makes sense to save the pennies and wait if u can, I never can lol and yep I dont remember any symptoms with my girls only sickness bang on 6 weeks preggers so heres hoping my lovely
AK yea you could temp for a couple of days and see
AFM no idea wots happenin, a little bit of brown when I got home from work (did work bloody hard and shifed alot of boxes of screenwash) but AF not due for another 4 days, temp went right down this morn but back up now so confused as my test yesterday looked pos and the one today ive uploaded looks neg arghhh

7 years ago

pinkster123 Maybe its implantation...

I had the worst ovary pain yesterday up until last night...It was like the pain that I had before my surgery, however DH came home late last night from his job out of town and we DTD and that wasn't painful at all like it use to be...
So I am going with the fact that I actually ovulated last night or this morning because now I have no pain at all... Which is CD12-13 so thats not so bad... And we DTD so maybe I'm not out this month after all... Welcome to the tww again

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7 years ago

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