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Itchy!!! Breaking out in hives on arms, feet, legs, belly.

I'm randomly breaking out in hives (mostly in the middle of the night???) on my arms, legs, feet, and belly. Has anyone else had this? I'm having to wake up to use Cortisone cream every night. It's driving me crazy!! I've also had an abnormally itchy scalp. Will I be this itchy through the whole pregnancy? Any advice??

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Omg I am 12dpo and are having the same issues only at night!! I thought I was losing my mind!! I don't know if I'm pg yet but thanks for letting me know I'm not insane!!

6 years ago

I recently read it can be caused by all the crazy changes your body is going through. I broke out for the first time around 6 or 7 dpo I believe. Could be a good sign. Good luck!! Baby dust!

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