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Do you wanna "feel" pregnant but are afraid to?

I've been disappointed 2 times now. I dont have any serious stories of struggle to tell...just that the natural baby making hasn't hit home yet :( My husband and i are both in our early 20's and live reasonably healthy lifestyles. I'm just always afraid to be excited...even though the odds are in my favor. No one in my family has had fertility problems and so I have that in my favor too.

I keep thinking that i am experiencing significant signs. I just do not want to get my hopes up too soon. DH and i bd'd ALOT from cycle day 5-16th. I think we skipped two days. For the most part it was once a day, especially the 3 days leading up to the O, on the day of the O and the day afterwards. I wanted to really feel like we covered our bases this time around

My noticeable/abonormal symptoms are: constant gas & 'trapped feeling' gas ,pressure/dull aching/little pinches in abdomen (everyday/throughout the day), abundant creamy CM (change my underwear frequently), and fatigue (wanting to take naps mid-day)

Has anyone gotten BFP's following these symptoms? I am 8 dpo today and am expecting AF in 6 days.

Please share!

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No BFP for me yet, but I know what you mean about trying not get your hopes up, although I suck at it, because my hopes are always up after O. I look for any symptoms that I can find in myself and hope for them to mean what I want them to mean. I am turning 30 in a few days, and I have PCOS, so we couldn't even start trying until I just got regulated 3 months ago. I'm still keeping my hopes up though. I'm 6 dpo right now and have backaches, headaches, sore boobs, and other random symptoms from day to day.


6 years ago

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