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Midwives in the Frederick, MD area?

Hello ladies!
I'm currently waiting for an appointment with Frederick Midwifery Care Associates- not pregnant yet, but I just want to ask some questions. :) I really want a totally hands-off pregnancy and delivery, I just want to have someone knowledgeable to talk to, ask questions, make sure I'm growing as I should be, and to be there during the labor process as a just in case. There are very few medical processes that I'm comfortable with- I've got issues that I'm addressing in my own way, but it takes time, and I really just need someone I can trust to be respectful of them and work with me. I refuse to have a pap smear, vaginal exam, or an internal sonogram at any point before, during, or after pregnancy. So! My question to all of you is, in case the midwife I've been talking to does not work out, does anyone know of another practice or certified midwife that would be willing to work with a neurotic mama in the Frederick, MD area?

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A really nice idea. I appreciate it much !

Farhan Ali Qadri

5 years ago

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