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Anyone due on june 1st 2012?

Trying to find ladies with same or close to same due date.

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Congrats!! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

I'm hoping to be! I've taken 5 tests in 3 days! All 4 of my at home tests have been positive! I took a urine test yesterday afternoon at the dr's but that was negative. I'm sure it was too early for a middle of the day (probably diluted) urine test. I'm going back this morning... hoping to get a blood test! :o)

6 years ago

Congrats!! My due date is May 31, 2012. Haven't had my first OB appointment yet so just waiting.

I feel great just bloated and boobs are sore. Keep me posted!

6 years ago

Congratulations!! :)

Just got my FIRST BFP, and I'm due around June 3.

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6 years ago

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