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Im going nuts today!!!!!!!!! 8dpo

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Hello ladies, I have been thinking of myself as being quite calm about this, but today, besides being extremely moody I have been obsessing over everything and questioning everything.

Do I really wanna do this now? What if and what nots...

I am questioning everything from a single fart to a normal pee and Im fed up already! am I ? am I not?

This wait is way toooooo too demanding and its driving me crazy, the wonders of ttc!

tested this morning bfn of course, another 2 days and ill test again, oh wait! I wont be able too, ill probbaly end up doing another before bed...

Sorry just needed to vent!

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Myfbug - welcome! We are in the same boat. I've pretty much lost count on my dpo- maybe 11-12 (like you).

Last night, the door slammed open. Someone broke into my house. My husband was there and I saw him slowly turn his head towards this open door. I looked out and didn't see anything. Then I say this stranger in a leather jacket approaching the bed. It was just me and my puppy together and we were laying there, I left helpless. He gave me this smirk like he'd been searching for me for awhile... He was going to kill me! And then, kill my dog just for the hell of it.

It wasn't just a dream... it was a nightmare! Tears!! It was so real. So vivid. I can still see it in my mind this morning. Are these symptoms self-inflicted?? Am I doing this to myself by obsessing? O. M. Goodness, I need to stop myself!

Anita & TTC - it ain't over yet!! Please keep us all posted ladies

7 years ago

Hi Marie E, OMG, what a dream, I was reading in disbelief...waw! This could def. be a symptom...

I tested this morning and I got a fainted blue + sign with CLearblue, but I am afraid it is Evap since I also tested with the $ test and it was BFN...

I heard that Clearblue can give lots of false that really that true? Donno...

Anyway, I'll test again tomorrow morning hoping to see a clear bfp on First Response...I'll go get one today!

Baby dust to all...

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7 years ago

Well... bought a cheap Pound store ( dollar store) test, came out negative... TOday is should of showed already as this is when my period is suppost to turn up... So I guess off to next cycle, and wait for AF to arrive any time now...

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Welcome Myfbug welcome to the wonderful sister group that all of us almosted ovualated at the same time and two of us got AF and the rest are waiting it out! That dream was amazing it was like the one I had I believe on SAt where a little man in his underwear was sitting in my livingroom and I asked him what the hell and he pulled out a gun? Man the nerves we have that come out in our sleep are amazing!!! Anita you are my sunshine thank you!!
I want to thank all of you for listening and caring about me. I am fine today. Just thinking about how I can do this one more time for good times sake? What if this is the time for the Big One and I miss it?
Anyone else get a Positive yet? MarieE how are things sweetie> McP, Cshamp anyone hear from Damjia999? All Baby Dust and good vibes this day???

7 years ago

Hello to all...I too am waiting to see if the witch will rear her ugly head again this month.We MC'd in May and have been trying since Aug w/no luck.We purchased a fertility monitor a couple of months back and I finally 'peaked' on the 21st of Oct.I'm hoping this time will be the one..I'm having cramps and shooting pains through my boobs..not all the time though.AF should be here by Friday.I'm trying really hard to hold out on testing til then.TRYING REALLY HARD!lol.
I've enjoyed everyones dust to all!

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7 years ago

Hello ladies

EEEZEMAMA ~ I hope today was/is better than yesterday.

Mrs.McP ~ this is our first month ttc, we were married on October 23 which happened to be the 4th day of our ovulation window :)

Marie E ~ thanks so much for saying you knew how I felt. It is amazing to know that I am not being crazy...with out giving u TMI I have the same issue with the gas lol I think we are pretty close in when our AF should arrive and when we can test, I dont know about you but it is killing me to wait! I want to know now but then again I dont want to know if it is negative ~ ugh And oh my gosh the vivid dreams, mine have not been scary like yours but vivid enough that I wake up and can continue the conversation with my husband ~ he thinks it is weird because I am still sleeping.

Newest issues: I am having is extreme heart burn at night along with hot flashes and even though I am beyond tired I cant stay asleep. What is weird, when I wake up it I feel rested and think I slept a long time, only to look at the clock and it has only been 20 mins.

And today while at the grocery store this lady's perfume was killing me, and even though I was starving and picking out everything to eat, the extra saliva was over whelming and turning my stomach. I just have random brief moments of nausea and it passes quickly.

Waiting till Saturday is going to drive me batty!

7 years ago

Hello Stephanie! Sounds promising! I too have the saliva thing, but I think in my case is just psychosomatic...

EzeeMama, you are very welcome,

As I said, I can not say I know how you feel but i can understnad for sure how I'd feel in your position. Be happy! I have a friend in her mid 20s, she already has a kid, this time she took nearly 2 years to get pregnant!!!! Only because she was anxious to do it, as soon as she stopped thinking about it BOOM she got pregnant funny enough!

My AF hasnt arrived yet but as I said, I took some cheap pregnancy tests, and they were all negative! They should show ,even the less sensitive ones, on the day ur period is due, so oh well of to next month!

Think of the positive side, you can have as much sex as u want, regardless him being tired.... and without the risk of him accusing you of rape.... good times! heheheh

Love to all!

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anita86 ~ that is the problem right, we can check of all these symptoms, feel them, want to have them and then in one day find out they were all in our head. Each day I feel a new symptom. I am staying positive but as my AF day approaches I am worried. I had my first pregnancy when I was very young and didn't pay attention she is now 20yrs old. My son pregnancy was different I didnt have symptoms and tested the week AF was due and it was positive, the next month Boom every symptom imaginable. So feeling so pregnant right now seems too good to be true. I always wanted a big family, my ex husband at the time felt that having his son was enough, and had a vasectomy soon after and then left. 3 years after that I am blessed with a wonderful man that loves my children and best of all wants a big family. My worry is that I am getting older and this dream wont happen. I guess this was my turn to vent about the fear I am having. Trying really hard to stay focused on everything else and take one day at a time

7 years ago

Hello StephanieB,

I do strongly believe that our desire of getting pregnant plays tricks on your mind and that doesnt help, anxiety doesnt help,

I know that having another child with your new partner is a big deal for you, it happens to a lot of people ttc in their 30's or 40's to take a long time for it to happen,

In your case I'd say the bright side is that you HAVE 2 beautiful children and even if they are older now, you were lucky enough to experience pregnancy twice, and that is a BIG blessing, many ladies never experienced it or never will, all Im trying to say is sometimes we can not have what we want right away, sometimes we cant really have what we want, but everything that is worth having does not come easy... If I wanted my mum back so she could see her grandchildren? Yes I do, but there is nothing I can do because she was taken away from me when i was only 19.... I can not live in grief, I need to accept it and move on, the same about other things in life, patience and more patience and a great understanding of yourself,

I am just trying to make you see that feeling so negative does not help, and even though it is hard, keep going, after all you can still have a baby, but I cant have my mum back, thats a given, not trying to be a victim here, trying to make you see that life is not about what we want and sometimes we are blessed in so many other ways

For all the ladies feeling frustrated keep going and smile, relax and enjoy your partners and life, it will happen eventually, and whenever u feel down just think that maybe, juuuuust maybe some people have it worse then you have, appreciate the things you have, nothing is lost, just think its only a matter of time.

Good luck to you all and my sincere sympathy for you ladies that have been trying for a long time! Good Luck!

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Read my post again, did not mean to say that you are negative, but when u feel down.. I am Portuguese and sometimes what I really want to say comes out a little different as I tend to automatically translate everything in my head, some times LITERALLY and it doesnt mean what I want it to mean,


And hey everybody needs to vent, so ladies, vent away!!!!

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