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Im going nuts today!!!!!!!!! 8dpo

Hello ladies, I have been thinking of myself as being quite calm about this, but today, besides being extremely moody I have been obsessing over everything and questioning everything.

Do I really wanna do this now? What if and what nots...

I am questioning everything from a single fart to a normal pee and Im fed up already! am I ? am I not?

This wait is way toooooo too demanding and its driving me crazy, the wonders of ttc!

tested this morning bfn of course, another 2 days and ill test again, oh wait! I wont be able too, ill probbaly end up doing another before bed...

Sorry just needed to vent!

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its ok i know how you feel , i keep wondering if everything happening to my body right now is a symptom or not? or if they all just point to AF coming ... i hate not knowing it drives me crazy ... i just try to keep myself super busy with other stuff.

i got a BFN on 9dpo, and if AF doesnt come this week i will test again. I will be 14 dpo tomorrow

I hope you get your BFP this month *baby dust to you* : ) good luck : )

7 years ago

Hi anita86

I am completely with you . It is driving me crazy - have been obssesing more than ever.
Even made a promise to myself that this month it will be different - that I am not going to be crazy about everything . But it is even worse than other months. I look into everything - everything !!! The smallest pinch ( that I have never noticed before TTC)

But lets stop pitting , and pray and believe that it will all be solved for us by the BFP this month !!!!!!

How many DPO r u ?

Don`t test again in the evening - it will make you go even more crazy , since nothing can change in such a short time HCG doubles each 24 hours !!!! wait at least till the morning if not 2 days . ( easy to say I know )

I will try to wait with you , even though I am so tempted to test !


7 years ago

Hi All~
I am also 8 dpo today. I can totally relate. I feel like I am over analyzing every twinge, is it gas? Something I ate, are my nips really sore or is this pre-AF symptoms.

What other symptoms do you have?

Mine have been quite different from other months starting from OV. My nips have been sore on and off and then with each day, increasingly sore. More gas at night but this could just be from the food I ate. I "think" I feel twinges in my belly area. Mild cramps. I've had more CM after Ov than any other month. It has varied day to day but defn more than normal. Cloudy pee.

I'd love to know ....

7 years ago

Hi Amy

welcome in the obsessing club :-) Your symptoms sound great - especially since they are different than other months !!!!! When do you plan to test ?

sore BBs and nipples, ( every month - PMS symptom)

mild dull pain in abdomen ( for 2 days)

pinching in the right side of the abdomen ( tonight - it woke me up several times during the night)

lot I mean a lot of discharge EWCM and white cm all together (several huge globs) - I am even thinking of taking the OPK again

vivid dreams for 2 night in row

and sweating - which is abnormal for me .

7 years ago

Hi Dajka999,
You have great symptoms too! I have only one test left and I want to miss my period first, it's due on 11/2. I was 4 days late last month for the first time in three yrs, go figure.... So everythings been a little off. I am hoping this means it's my month. I'll probably end up buying more tests, lol and in that case will POAS earlier. I'll keep ya posted.

I am kinda feeling out but only so I don't get my hopes up. I have two brothers who are married and the wives are both going to have a baby within 6 weeks of eachother. One decided hey it's time to have a baby so lets try and BAM, pregnant in one shot...oh, yeah she is the one who thinks she knows it all and says she'll never have a messy place or allow "her" kids to do blah blah's hard. Trying to keep the faith.

I'll let you all know if I have anymore symptoms =)

7 years ago

Hi Amy,

don`t listen to anyone, and don`t let anyone depress you or make you feel bed that you r not pregnant yet.

I know what you r talking about - all of my friend are pregnant , and more and more getting pregnant each week some new announcement. I was at the same place as you last month. ( depressed, feeling down and honestly jealous )
some asking me when am I gonna be pregnant and if I don`t want to be

Just don`t care about them . ANd concentrate on you and on other great and precious things in your life !!! It will happen sooner or later . There is a good time for everything , and maybe yours is NOW - this month!

7 years ago

Thanks ladies for your replies!

Always good to know you're not alone!

Been distracting myself today by watching funny videos,

Well Got really bad ramps for like 10 minutes then they went!

Hope its a good sign,

Thank you for sharing and keep obsessing together, at least we understand each other as is becoming harder to have baby talk with my partner without boring the hell out of him!


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Hi Guys!!

I am right there with you too!! I am 8DPO and I think I am overanalyzing every little symptom...I work in a Dr's office and I see pregnant mothers all day so at times it can be a little difficult.

So far, I have had very sore nipples, very full breasts, backache, gassiness, nausea, and pinching/pulling feeling down there. My urine has been extremely stinky (sorry tmi). I have also had a increase in CM.

I try not to get my hopes up, but you all know how it is..and I am becoming obsessed with testing and I know it's early, I tell myself this over and over and then I still end up testing.. What is wrong with me LOL!!

Well I hope we all get our BFP's this month!! Baby Dust to all!!

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7 years ago

Hi schamp2005
believe nothing is wrong with you - we are all the same .

I would love to test so much , and I am only 5 or 6 DPO - and of course it makes no sense for me to test at all, but I would just love to do so .

BTW - your symptoms sound good - especially the urine - since so far what I have been reading majority of the women with the same symptom ended up pregnant so lets hope for you and keep our fingers crossed !!!

and for all of us TTC

7 years ago

Hello Ladies,

So I'm not alone! THank God!!! What's funny is that all my friends are soooo relaxed about having babies...and I feel like I'm the only person on earth obsessing over little things! Today I really kept myself busy so that I don't think about it...but it's so hard!

Today I am 8 DPO, and I am hoping that by Sunday I'll get a fairly accurate result...AF should arrive on Tuesday. I think I ovulated on Oct. 19th. I got a first OPK on the 17th at night, then I ran out of OPKs and tested only on Oct. 20th and 21still positive OPKs both days and then on the 22nd it was weird.... So I can't even be sure when I ovulated...

Anyway, symptom wise, very sore nipples, sometimes the whole chest is sore...i feel bloated all the time, some cramps/discomfort in the lower abdomen...and feel like I retain water (this is something that happend A LOT with my first pregnancy...I don't remember if it was this early though). Oh yeah, and I'm pretty thursty! But all this could be just PMS or me paying attention too much to my body...

So let's obsess together, and pray together that we all get BFPs this month.

Baby dust and I'll keep you posted. I know it is early, but I will test tomorrow with FMU and I'll let you know.

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7 years ago

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