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Due in May 2011

Hi i got my at 12 dpo, this will be my second baby bump and I am really happy, would love to chat with anyone else who is expecting and due in may!!!

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Just got our second (faint) @12 dpo also! It is our first but I am still a little sceptical-we had a chemical pregnancy back in March and I feel like I don't want to get too excited yet. Have had all kinds of symptoms - tender /heavy boobs, lower back ache, THIRST, Fatigue, crying at everything - all of which I didn't have with the first go so I am optimistic! I have a good feeling about this BFP but until I see it on the screen and the Dr says congrats I won't be totally convinced. :)

ing for a BFP! to all!

7 years ago

Tomorrow is 12DPO for me too, and really hope for a !!! I'll test in the morning and let you girls know!
to both of you...i wish you a and healthy beautiful spring babies! :o)
Plz for me so that I join you with happy news tomorrow morning (hopefully)!!!

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7 years ago

sara, i have now taken two FRER and they bother were positve an AF was due today so I am 4 weeks now, gonna go see the Doc tomorrow, I am so lucky that he has an ultrasound machine in his office so we will be able to have a peek at all our appt!! and i totally know how you feel I had 2 M/C befor my daughter came one at 14 weeks and 1 at 8 weeks so I too am trying to be optimistic that everything will be ak with this pregnancy, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

I hear you on all your symtoms got them plus I CANT SLEEP at night which sucks when I have to get up at 630 with my daughter but I am, just not tired at night, oh well every little thing is amazing and I am soo looking forward to the next 9 months once again for us both!!!

Happytottc please keep us posted, i think i have followed you on a cpl other threads too,

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Hi ladies!!! I just got my tonight at 16/17 dpo! We are so excited!!! I can't believe it finally happened. I know it's still early, but I'm really hoping for the best. FOR ALL OF US!!!!!

AND !!!!

TTC #1 for about a year Hoping for my soon! to everyone out there!!! & User Image

7 years ago

Hi Shmee, I am so happy you have already posted here, I think this will also be wonderful place to share how we are feeling through these next 9 months!!!

SO I was not able to get a doctors appt until monday, and I still can not sleep it is really getting frusturating, I even try to nap when my daughter goes for her afternoon nap and that does not work either, do u ladies have any suggestions to help me catch some much needed zzzzz's!!!

Other then that i am feeling pretty great, a little gassy and you know the 100 trips to the loo a day lol!!!

well hope to hear from u ladies soon!!!

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I am two weeks late or six weeks pregnant, depending on how you want to look at it, and today, for the first time, I got a positive pregnancy test!

I'm going to my dr asap about it, but if its true I'll be due in May '11!

I can't wait to be 100% sure and then we can celebrate and tell our parents and stuff!

Sticky vibes to you!

7 years ago

Hi ladies! I won't be heading to my OB until the 1st week of October for my 8 week visit, but I made an appointment with my PCP for today at 3pm. I'm going to have them do the bloodwork, since my OB isn't even available to do that until Sept. 30th. My DH and I are so excited!!! We still can't believe it though!

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7 years ago

Hi Crystal!
I'm coming over from the 10DPO Faintest line forum!
I got my really early at 8 DPO. But much like some of you here, I cannot be as excited yet till I see my bean on the screen...that rhymes lol! Bean on the Screen! Reason being, I had a miscarriage before at 10 its been hard being positive sometimes...I couldn't believe how my body decieved me.

Anyways..I'm keeping positive and minimizing stress, however...I'm having slight cramping (my AF is supposed to come today/Tomorrow) and i'm not feeling much else except nausea sometimes...I was feeling way more symptoms before. I guess I'm making a big deal out of it because I don't want to go through another miscarriage again. My tests are getting darker positives... I dont know...I guess I'm looking for reassurance.

But i am so happy for us MAY BABY MOMMAS!!! my sister's bday is in May and she is ULTRA excited and I so hope we make it. I can't wait to meet this baby and i'm sure you all are feeling the same!

What are everyone's symptoms? Does everyone have sore boobs? I don't ...

7 years ago

welcome jules and amiamama

I think we will all be walking on eggshells until we hit our 12 week mark, but I am really trying to stay positive and enjoy this pregnancy as my fiance says he only wants two children so this may be my last pregnancy unless I can change his mind lol you never know, anyways my symtoms have been pretty mild the last couple of days, beside the lack of sleep seriuosly I need to figure something out cause I cant sleep at all at night, i sit there wide awake and my brain will not stop thinking lol I just wish I could go right to sleep like i did befor this babybump started to grow, but oh well I will deal with it.

I went to the doctor yesterday now to wait for the official yes from my blood work, shmee do you have an update??

I hope all you ladies are feeling good, please keep posting we can ber hear for eachother through everything,

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hi ladies! the doctor and nurse made fun of me a little for requesting blood work even after 5 STRONG positive HPTs, but i just had to confirm! Hahaha! They called the next day to say I am definitely pregnant. :) So, officially, I think I'm 5 weeks and 1 day today. Like I said, I won't get to go to the doc or get an ultrasound until October 14th, but hopefully it will be here before I know it. :)

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7 years ago

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