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Is this irregular bleeding?

I am new to this site and TTC, I stopped taking the pill in July, had my withdrawal bleed on the 23rd july, so i could get pregnant asap ive been charting my CM, CP and using ovulation kits, I ovulated on day 14 as i should (I had a positive Ovualtion Test, so i hope i ovualted) had loads of cramps after wards, i got my period on day 28 as i should have which was on 20th Aug, my period lasted a day and a half, very light i am no on day 6 of my cycle and have just got some light pink discharge and blood when i wiped. My partner and I have sex every day, so there are always little swimmers about incase i ovulate at different time, do you think this is just an irregular bleed due to just coming off the pill or could be implantation bleeding? thanks in advance for any help you can give me and sorry if i gave too much information x

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I've had wacky af's since I came of bc 4 months or so ago. Some cycles have been very light kind of what you described and they're followed by spotting of some sort, brown or pink. I don't mean to discourage you, in my own experience its been my af just irregular. Have you tried testing at all? Keep us posted . and to you!

Married to my wonderful DH ttc our first bundle of joy . On our 4th cycle hoping for . & to every1!!!

7 years ago

Well as i say i had pink/browny discharge and blood just that one time i went to the loo, nothing since.
I did test a day after my period as it was so light, and that was negative, so im assuming its just my body getting back into action, thank you for your reply, cant help getting excited at anything thats odd :)

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