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neg hpt but all the symptoms

ok af was suppose to start today but so far a no show which im keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't sholw up. for the 3 days i have been having cramping. A couple days ago i noticed that i had a clear discharge coming out of my nipples. i have been tired and feel like i have no energy. i have also noticed that the veins in my breasts have became more noticeable and look like they are popping out. i also have noticed that the bumps around my nipples have became more noticeable. if anyone has any insight on this please help

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How many DPO are you?? Did you track your O at all with temping or OPKs?
Generally a lot of HPT's can 'detect your missed period before you miss it' - if it were supposed to come today, technically you could get a BFP! Though I'd wait a few more days... sometimes our bodies get a bit wacky... BUT...

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5 years ago

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