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Has anyone bled (after bfp)but still had a viable pregnancy?

I would really like to know as i was 6 days over due for a visit from Aunt flo and contracted a faint but coloured positive but then my body decided to be a total a.s.s and start bleeding so i got confused, its bright red and i have had harsh cramps until now i just feel a little sore the amount ive bled would only just half fill a sanitary towel so its definitely not my normal AF as it usually leaks because its so heavy lol, but its still red?! & i tested this morning... BFN! Then this evening... Faint BFP!(i know theres such a thing as false BFNs and continuous BFP after miscarriage but the BFPs are meant to get lighter not darker lol!) VERY bloated belly atm and a little discomfort in my vulva (sorry lol) if you need any more info just ask but i think thats pretty much it :/ x

**Babydust to all :)**

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Believe it or not, some women experience 'periods' throughout their entire pregnancy, I haven't known any personally or spoken ot any, but it isn't impossible.

I definitely would simply consult your doctor as they will know what is best. I wish you luck!

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5 years ago

Lots of women expierence break through bleeding. It's not actually a period because the lining isn't being shed but my Mom had breakthrough bleeding for 3 months with both us kids.

GL to you!!

5 years ago

Turns out ive had an in complete miscarriageand i have contracted slight infection which can alter hormones after mc :/ maybe next time ;) x keep positive ladies x

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