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Help! Ovulation

This is probably going to be kind of long. I am currently on 100mg clomid and 1500mg metformin. I am on cd 16. I started having O pains on cd 14. I also had some ewcm and got a negative opk at 6pm friday (cd14). I've been having O pains in both ovaries. On cd 15 at 10am saturday I got a positive opk. 6 hrs later at 4:30 I got a negative and then tested at 10pm and got a negative. I tested this morning at 9 and got a negative. I'm still having twinges in both my ovaries. I haven't been really keeping up with my temps but I took it this morning and it doesn't look like it has went up. I have been temping like every other day and I laid awake for a minute before I remembered to temp this morning and it was only alittle higher than normal. It was 97.43 and It has been around 97.33 a couple days ago. So it isn't up enough. Could I be Oing from both ovaries? Do you ladies have any idea or similar experiences? Does it seem like I'm Oing now or going too? This is my first cycle ever using opks last time I got pregnant I was only taking temps. Should I keep testing with opk? I'm using the clearblue digi with the smiley face. This is my first cycle of clomid this go around and I had to take provera to induce my period. It's so stressful! I think I'm just going to try to keep BDing and try to keep up with my temps next time if it doesn't happen this time. TIA

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Opk doesn't mean u ovulated u can have a positive and never ovulate. I'd say u had a short surge and ovulation will generally occur within 12-24 hrs of positive opk. Keep dtd till cm is gone

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