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SMEP anyone?

Just started to do the SMEP today and wondering if anyone is trying it as well. Would like to know the highs, lows and if it's going to be successful.

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I was thinking of going this route this cycle too, but it would mean that we're going to start BD'ing today... and my husband is feeling sick today so I don't know that he's going to be 'in the mood'.... funny.... I thought it was women that were supposed to fight off the men. Hmmmm... maybe time to learn some new seduction techniques. I can't believe it's come to this, lol.

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5 years ago

Hi El2011,

Im on day 2 of the SMEP. Today I worked late and was so tired... But BD anyway since I want to follow it through. SMEP worked for me first time (Unintentionaly, but it was exactly how it happened), unfortunately I miscarried.

The art of seduction is definitely more difficult when all you need is a bed... Lol. I feel that it's a bit unnatural, but once we get our BFP, it will be all worth it!

Good luck for both of us this cycle

5 years ago • Post starter

hi i'm new to this site.I'm trying the smep this month i'm now period is due on xmas eve!..good luck to everyone

5 years ago

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