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Any May Babies? want to buddy up?

I'm currently CD15 & 1DPO Day #1 TWW

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Hi! I'm not entirely sure my exact O date but I'm pretty sure it was Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Haha! W, F, Sun., now just it's just the horrible waiting game. I'd be glad to have someone to with.

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5 years ago

I think I ovulated on or around Fri. So I'm 4dpo.

to us.

5 years ago

jnz1979 hey welcome!

are you experiencing any ear;y pregnancy symptoms as yet?

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keep us posted

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Hey everyone!!

ttc #2
First month TTC
Had what i want to say is implantation bleeding/cramps yesterday :-)
Testing on friday at 9DPO and probably everyday from then until AF or BFP
EDD would be May 1

My DH's birthday is April 8 and mine is May 1. I would love nothing more than to be able to give us both a birthday present wrapped in a recieving blanket ;-) I'm 22 and I currently have a 19 month old DD.

5 years ago

My birthday is May 6... not sure what i was thinking :-P

5 years ago

Can I join you all in this waiting? My name is Kasandra and we have been ttc for #4 for the last 5 months. I showed a positive opk on Saturday 18th, so I'm assuming I ovulated Sunday or Monday? We tried the 17th, 18th, 19th. If I got pregnant this cycle, baby would be due May 8th. It's so hard waiting!

Hope it's a at the end of this month for us all!

5 years ago

Frustrated! 6DPO and i have had spotting at 4DPO (very little) 5 DPO (still not much, but bright red) and now at 6DPO, i thought it was over because there was nothing this morning, but this afternoon I went to the bathroom and again, more red spotting. AF isn't due until the 20th. I'm gonna go ahead and call it AF (even if it's not just to prep myself). Which means i'll be Oing again around Aug. 28 (EDD would be May 23rd)

My first month TTC and my usuall very regular 27-day cycle is all out of wack. *sigh*

I'm still going to hold on to a little bit of hope until it starts to actually flow.

5 years ago

I would like to join! I'm currently CD19 & about 5 DPO. We are TTC baby #2 and this is our second month of trying. On our first baby we got pregnant the first month after getting off of birth control and with a hyperthyroid. This time around it's super frustrating since it was so easy the first time.

5 years ago

hey Ladies
I'm CD16 & 2dpo

kcaskcas » nice to meet you Kasandra welcome! so your maybe 3 or 4 dpo experiencing any early pregnancy symptoms as yet?

MartindaleBaby don't feel bomb as yet isn't due til the 20th stay positive.. is not welcome here

sugah0927 welcome!! I have hyperthyroid too this is my first baby i'm trying for an its a bit frustrating too but stay positive and have faith

Keep us posted ladies!

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