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Do you think I am probably pregnant or probably not?

I have been feeling like I am pregnant, though I was not trying to get pregnant. My fiance and I have been together for more than one year and the first time we ever had unprotected sex was approximately 12 days ago, and 4 days after my period ended completely. It was an accident that he finished and I know it got inside, because he encouraged me to take a shower and try to wash it out.
I mark my calendar with all of the days we are intimate as well as all of the days I am on my period until all traces of period are gone. I normally do not get any cramps until day 1 of my period, and they are normally gone by day 3 (of 5-7 days). In the last three months my periods were (last one) 20 days apart, (one before that) 22 days apart, (and the one before that) 21 days apart. Which I recent ly discovered is short (never looked into it before this).
Two or three days after we were intimate, I began experiencing pains in my lower right abdomen, low to the point where it felt like my right ovary. This pain continued for 4-5 days and then began to feel more central. I also began having headaches, which is extremely rare for me, but I am pretty sure this was because I was too afraid to drink any caffeine. After the side pain subsided, I began experiencing cramps periodically throughout the day as though I were about to start my period any second, but it has yet to come (and is due to come in the next 4-7 days).
10 days after the day we were intimate, my cramps subsided for the entire day and I was shocked and worried about feeling normal all of the sudden, as though I did something to reverse everything. I thought it very stange to all of the sudden have no symptoms other than an increased appetite. Later that night though, I had some more cramping, and I thought it ironic that the pain is more comforting than none at all. It made me feel more sure that what I had been feeling before was real, unlike my fiance believes. The cramping is far less frequent now, but I still feel a strange feeling in my right ovary area below where my pants sit on my waist, and it doesnâ??t feel good to bend over or lay on my stomach.
My fiance thinks I am imagining everything, saying he « knows » that I am not preganant, but even while I might like to believe that heâ??s right because I need to finish my degree, and because we arenâ??t married yet, I am having symptoms of pregnancy that I never knew were symptoms before this happened. I never had cramps without a period, and I didnâ??t even know that it was a sign until I looked it up.
The reason why I am writing this is partly because I am becoming pre-occupied with the idea after 12 days of mulling the idea over, and partly because when my fiance said he knows that Iâ??m not pregnant that I started to tear up, my words breaking when I said « maybe you would feel differently if you could feel what Iâ??m feeling, either Iâ??m pregnant or Iâ??m dying or something. » He assured me that Iâ??m not dying and said « you have nothing » but that if I need treatment for some infection he would make sure I get it. It hurt my feelings that he said heâ??s so sure Iâ??m not, and I didnâ??t even intend to be preganant in the first place. Why does it hurt my feelings ? it should be reassuring. I am starting at the University of Washington next month to complete my Bachelorâ??s degree in Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology (I just finished one AA and one AS degree last quarter.) The first thing I said when the accident happened was « this canâ??t happen, Iâ??m supposed to go to college » to which he replied « you will. »
Now that I am done venting, I hope that if I am pregnant, that my baby will be born healthy. That if Iâ??m not pregnant, that I am healthy, and no matter what happens that I remember to share the info with anyone who may have took the time to read the beginning of my story here, so that you can have the satifaction of a conclusion, rather than the dissapointment of a cliff hangar.

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I have to start by saying that my husband and I have been trying for 11 years now with a two year break cause I was in college, well still am, but anyway, you can read my story in my profile.

The symptoms you are having does seem like pregnancy to me, however, I have NEVER been pregnanct so I am not that good of a reliable answer..sorry cause I know how it feels to think you are and the hubby say, "No your not". It does hurt cause you know what you are feeling isn't normal. And for me after so many years, I don't even tell him when I think I'm pregnant...Like I FEEL NOW...AND SO PRAYING AND HOPING!!.
I am 13dpo and have been cramping for over a week which is not normal until a day before or the day of my AF starts.

I know I wasn't helpful. But I hope the best for you, and remember, whatever happens, happens for a reason.
I am still in college myself...Online with University of Phoenix for education. I wanted to finish first but we are only getting older...Lol
Good luck on your wedding day and graduation!!
Hope we can stay intouch...I want to know if you are pregnant... :) SO EXCITING.
I know some ppl test early, so go ahead an take you a test. But you could get a false negative if it is too early to test.
Best of luck to you Girlygirl!!

Heather (33) Hubby (36) TTC #1 for 11 years; IF problems...but NEVER giving up!! Hoping for my this year!!

5 years ago

Thanks Heather!!!! I wish you the best of luck!! I will take a test the day before I'm supposed to get my period, on Tuesday, August, 14th, even though I'm really impatient. It's strange because the cramps come and go now whereas before they were constant. Now when I get them, they only last about a second or two. It still doesn't feel comfortable bending over or laying on my tummy, I still get weird pain in my right side, and I'm still super hungry, have to pee alot, and have always been and will always will be emotional... But because the crampy feelings are pretty much gone and I don't feel like I have a temperature anymore (don't own a thermometer).. I don't really feel pregnant anymore, as if those symptoms were the most telling. I'm really not sure how much of that makes sense, but we shall find out soon enough. I did a little research, and I guess its totally normal for symptoms to come and go but it's just making things even more confusing. I don't really know what to think, so the plan is to try not to think about it too much until time goes by and the reality of the situation becomes clearer.

Thanks again for your well wishes!!
May God bless the lives of you and your husband with a beautiful child one day! Did you ever hear the story of Abraham and his wife when they were trying to conceive?

Please don't be offended if you are not a religious person, just a thought in case you are, or if you are curious!

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If a pg test comes back and its negative and ur still having the cramping u may want to go to a doctor. It could be a cyst or something. They're usually not a big deal but you want to make sure you stay healthy for when the times right and u DO get blessed with a child. My husband and i are just now ttc and he has surprised me with how all of a sudden supportive he is. The only scare we ever had i had about the same results. He just kept telling me everything would work out fine. I wasnt pg and just overanalyzing everything in my head....... and it was too hard for me to say, despite the bad timing, that it WAS ok with me. That i wouldnt mind to see a + and start a family.
Your head and your heart dont always take the same side. Also a man cant FEEL what your feeling so it doesnt become a reality for them for a while. Give him some time.... if it comes up + congratulations! Be excited so he understands its ok for him to get excited to. Society thinks a woman on the path to becoming successful ending up pregnant is a tragedy when its really just motivation to work for something more than u just yourself. And if it comes up negative u have a chance to sit down and talk about exactly what you want out of life and from him as far as starting a family.
Good luck either way! Keep us posted!

5 years ago

He wants a baby so badly, maybe even more than I do. He loves kids and he not only wants a family but be wants to be prepared and able to give his children the very best, including being able to put them through college.

He just says he knows I'm not pregnant.

When it happened he said it was the wrong time to get pregnant, and that its not possible right after your period, so not to worry about it. My next period is supposed to be the 15th or 16th. I got impatient, and didn't wait for Tuesday because this morning (the 12th)I woke up starving and immediately had to pee, plus I'm totally awake much earlier than normal, even though I went to sleep late, so when I got out of bed I tried a test, and it was negative. I'm really starting to think that maybe Im not. Just now, as I typed 'maybe I'm not' I got one of those cramps for a couple seconds, I'm really starting to worry that something might be wrong. Anyways, I'm starving so I'm going to eat some breakfast, I have to work 11:30am to 11:00pm today!

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