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Well today I am 10dpo and Af isn't due for another 4days but I started to bleed about 2hrs ago outta know where. Here is how my day went......I went to work this morning like usual I felt fine other than sleepy. I worked all day no problem....I know my body when im about to start my cycle and that was not me at all today. I got off work, went to my sons school, went to my friends house for a moment before heading home to shower. Left out maybe an hr later while driving I felt the normal like cramps ive been getting almost everyday got bck to my friends house and I felt this gush and I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding. Its very dark kinda similar to my cycle and its not spotty. I have read that its light, spotty, pink or brown in color. but i have also read some women that have had implantation similar to their periods. I don't feel bloated, I do have slight cramps and im also having the pinches where my ovaries are! Im lost need stories, advice anything!!!!

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Go ahead and take a FRER test. With all 3 of mine, I was positive by 3 days out... :)
That much bleeding and "gushing" is a little worriesome. If you get a BFP I'd call your dic and ask for an HCG to be sure your numbers are doubling...
Good luck!

5 years ago

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