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Wannabe May Mommies WMM

Hi ladies, I was in the Wannabe March Moms thread and I think there were 4 or so lucky ladies who got their BFP but alot more of us who got BFN. So here's hoping for August or September BFPs which will bring us May babies!

A little about me: I'm 35, from Australia, TTC first baby since mc in March. Just bought a fertility monitor so hoping it's worth the $ because I hate OPKs, haven't started charting yet but will consider it soon.

Join this thread if you WMM too!!!

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Hello! I've been ttc for little over 8 years now, I'm hoping that it will happen soon! I plan on purchasing some vitex and raspberry tea when Whole Foods opens this morning.
I tried those fertility moniters and never got them to work :(

Baby dust to all!

5 years ago

I was hoping for an April bundle but just showed up and spoiled that for me. Guess I'm a WMM now!

I'm 27 and DH is 29. We've been married three years, TTC since May, but I didn't have a good cycle until June so technically we've only had two tries so far. We're in good health and my friends have all gotten preg pretty easily (several by accident...) so I thought it would be quick for us. Apparently not! Oh well, we're having fun trying

So far the only thing we've used is OPKs because I had been on BC that made me skip periods so I needed help tracking my cycle as things became regular again. I think we'll keep using them until I'm sure I'm on a regular cycle.

Faylinameir I hope you get a this time! Just think how loved your future little is going to feel when you tell them that you tried for so long .

What CDs are you faylinameir and magenta?

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5 years ago

I'm CD4, but my cycles are irregular and I don't have clear ovulation indicators. Nice to meet you WMMs!

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5 years ago • Post starter

I'm CD20 and I think I ovulated CD18, although I'm not sure because I'm new to this ttc thing. My fiance and I have been together 4 years. I'm 20 and he's 22. I'm on prenatals with DHA and I am still getting used to taking my BBT. I forget somedays.... which is totally not good so I need to get on that. Anyway, I am hopeful to conceive this month, then my due date will be in May!

Nice to meet all of you and goooodluck!!

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5 years ago

Hi ladies! This mark my 12th month trying. So of course I'm cautiously optimistic. I thought July would be lucky bc I was feeling so positive. No luck. I am 29, DH is 33, married for a year and TTC my first, his 4th!

Good luck and here is hoping we all get BFPs!

5 years ago

Hello ladies!!
My partner an I have been trying for baby number two for the last 3 months now and it deffinatly is provin to be harder to do 2nd time round ( well 3rd if you cound a miscarriage as well) both times previously falling pregnant happend with firest try!!!I am currently 10dpo but just feel completely out this time round, no real symptoms screeming out "I think you are pregnant" should be here around Wednesday, so just wait and see I guess, but I'm deffinatly thinking she will grace me with her presence :( then it all begins once again!! Deffinatly dosn't help having this nasty flu at the moment :(

Magenta I also from Australia!!!! :)

Good luck ladies
Leah xx

5 years ago

Hey All! I've been fluttering around the forums frequently enough that most have heard my story, but the jist of it is, my name is Sarah. I'm a 28 year old from Canada (well ... going to be 28 on the 15th!!) DH is 28 also. We have been together for 11 years (high school sweethearts ), and got married in July of this year. We spent the better part of our relationship trying to prevent pregnancy, and now we're actually going to let it happen. I was on the pill about 7 years ago, but it made me kinda "loopy", so as per my doc's advice, I got off of it right away, so we have been using the condom route ever since. Naturally, I figured as soon as we got hitched we'd get preggers right away -- I know my cylce in and out, and I'm "regular" right down to the hour (both when I ovulate, and when arrives) ... apparently knowing my cycle, and actually conceiving are two different things, however, because after two cycles and hundreds of 's [I'm a POA($store)S addict] I've decided it's going to take a little more than just BD'ing to get this. I'm hoping that with the support of all you lovely ladies, and the wealth of knowlegde I gather from all these forums, that DH and I will have ourselves a healthy bouncing baby come May. :)

Good luck and to all of you. We're all in this together for the laughs, and the tears! I can't wait to take this journey with you!!!

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5 years ago

Hello ladies,

Happy to be a WMM!!!! Thanks for starting this one!

I am 25, DH is 25, we were married last July ..unfortunately 2 weeks later we had a terrible accident and I suffered 3rd degree burns and needed skin graft surgery and lots of recovery. Doing fine now mostly but that sure put a wrench in the plans!

So we had originally been planning on waiting a few months to ttc after the wedding but then my cycles went totally crazy, long, irregular ...I had to be put on Provera to kicksstart a cycle in March after not getting one since Dec, then again in June...the stuff makes me crazy so trying to avoid that, and trying to fix my cycle I bought the Fertilitea to regulate my cycles hopefully!!!!!

Soo we've been ttc for several months and I've excused the issues as "my body is still healing" but its been almost a year now and I should have regulated says the doctor. I'm also a little underweight technically so trying to put some on but sadly its hard.

So that's my story, I really feel like we deserve a beautiful baby after all we have suffered, and you all do too! So lets support each other thru to process to be May Mommies!

Thanks so much for listening ...this is the first time I've shared my whole story on here :))

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5 years ago

Glad we're getting more WMMs here! Hopefully there will be some BFPs in this group!

I don't know where some of you ladies are but I'm at CD1 today. Started spotting yesterday and hit me full force this morning.

Anyone else early in their cycle?

this month everyone!!!

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5 years ago

Hi, all I'm new to all this ( forums)

I'm 33 and from uk, wirral, my man is 32 and we are desprat for a child, prob like most of you on here.
So first of all i'd like to say Hi to all and i feel for allo of you.

I came off the implan in may and we have been trying since then. I have only had one period that wasn't very strong in july ( I usted to be regula before the implan)
I have started to have headaces and dizzyness,I went to see the late doc thurs and she said it vertigo,but asked if I could be preg, i said " I hope so" she told me to take a test in aweek as I advised her I took on mon and it was neg :(

Now I am getting my hopes up tomuch and my fiancey is worried for me, and that I may get to upset !

this is somthing I have always wanted and due to illness was not able to try before.

My sis on the other hand got ill over xmas and ended up preg due to the pill not working and she didn't really want to be, so unfair.

Angel xx

5 years ago

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