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First month using OPK

This is my 6th month ttc, and finally decided to try opks since I heard so many success stories through friends. I had my son over a year ago, and had since been with a different guy I had my son with. He is 27 years old and no previous children. We are getting married the beginning of september :) I was starting to get worried on why I wasnt getting pregnant so I told him I wanted to buy opk!! Since we dont have sex often (sorry tmi) I figured it would be best to have the predictor rather than guess and miss ovulation. I am only 23 years and have always had regular text book cycles, until recently. Im anywhere from 29 days to 32 days.
So to get to the point I got a positive opk on cycle day 15, then again the next day, which I heard was normal, but then the next morning I got ANOTHER positive...later that day then it was negative. I had sex on cd 13, 14, and 15 (about 12 hours after the positive). So I was wondering if that was going to work? The opk said after you get a positive that you will ovulate anywhere from 12-36 that from the first or last positive?
I would love to hear some stories on opks and what other opinions :)

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The 12-36 hours is from the first positive. But it doesn't hurt to keep trying right? You are actually very fertile for several days before your first positive OPK, so it's looking good!

Good luck to you :)

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Thank you for your response :) fingers crossed!!

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