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End of July - Who just started the dreaded TWW?

I'm currently 3DPO, is anyone else out there in the TWW as well?

My fiance and I are TTC after a MC in April. Hoping that this is our month. Yesterday DF came home from work and said that he can't wait to have a "minion" running around our house, and that he's super excited!

But now, the dreaded TWW - ergh! I'm going to try not to over-analyze every little twitch this time, but it will be hard! Anyone with me?

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hi im Rossie im 5 dpo and im the same as you just over analysing every little thiing lol. its so fustrating the waiting, it feels like it takes forever
so your not alone lol

5 years ago

Hiya...I was the same. Im now 10dpo and think im going insane, over analysing everyhing from colds, sore thoats etc list of possible symptoms is its crazy!! is due Sunday but then im never really regular so my calulations may be all wrong.. Anywho.. sending your way.

5 years ago

I just started my TWW...ugh is all I can say :( I am 1 DPO and I am overthinking things each day and getting myself so psyched up when I shouldn' only makes the time go by so slow! Can't wait to compare symptoms with you :)

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5 years ago

AHHH!! I am also 3 dpo and the waiting is going to drive me nuts! I too am over analyzing symptoms and trying to figure out wayyyy before it's time if I am or not! Let's keep a + outlook!

5 years ago

Hi, I'm 2 dpo. Waiting is the hardest thing in the world to do. I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas LOL. Not many sypmtoms so far. Starting to feel a little sick to my stomache as we speak. Hope this is our month! Good Luck and Sticky Baby Dust 2 U All :-)

5 years ago

I'm glad to share the TWW with you ladies! Yes - waiting is the hardest part! Beiisilk - you're getting close to testing - seems liek you're in the home stretch - have you had any symptoms yet?

For the rest of us, it seems that implantation is looming. For my first pregnancy that ended in a MC, I definitely felt implantation cramps - although I didn't know it at the time because I wasn't planning to be pregnant! But looking back on it, I know that's what they must have been - I can remember the date, because my fiance was leaving to go overseas for a bit in the next day or two. I specifically remember denyiing him in the bedroom because I was having "weird pains" and I didn't feel like doing the dance right before he left. The pains subsided in a day or so, then, about 3-4 days before my period, I started getting AF like cramps, but they were a little "off" - I can't really describe it, but they were only slightly different - not really enough for me to think I was pregnant - other than the fact that i really only get those cramps the day before AF starts and the first day of AF. I kept running to the bathroom with tampon/pad in hand thinking the was coming!

I did some research on the internet, and found that these types of cramps are really common. This got me thinking and so the day before my AF was due I decided to get a pregnancy test.
And whamo! BFP! 4 additional tests later, all BFP.

So last month I started having AF like cramps like 5-6 days before AF was due. I thought, "This is it!", but to no avail - reared her ugly head. My cycle has normalized since the MC, but my PMS symptoms have been a bit off, so I guess I shouldn't be so quick to judge.

I just threw my back out, and so the pain from that is overarching any weird tweaks and twinges I may be feeling "down there" right now. And I'm sort of glad!

And yes! Like DivaRivas said, let's all keep a + attitude!

to ALL!!


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Can I join you girls?

I am 3DPO today and starting to track every single little niggle and not sure how I will cope with this 2WW :)

My history is long, Had a partial molar pregnancy diagnosed at 18 weeks,Feb 2011, had to wait 6 months before TTC, got pregnant straight away miscarriage at 5 weeks left it a few months got pregnant again end of Feb this year miscarried at 5 weeks on 12th March. Went to recurring miscarriage clinic had all tests done all normal unexplained recurring miscarriage told to try again and as soon as +hpt call them and they will track us with scans etc.

So there you go currently 3DPO and really hoping this is our month and that it's a healthy sticky beanie.

Babydust to everyone

5 years ago

Hi everyone, today I am 6DPO, haven't really felt anything worth staten, cause it could be nothing. But it is stuff that I felt during the other months ttc. Before the MC in April I didn't feel anything either so I don't know. I'm praying for everyone to get the BFP this month! Started temp'ing this month and my temps are pretty high so I hope this means GREAT NEWS!

5 years ago

Hi Lovely ladies, how we all doing??

11dpo and my bbs havent stopped aching since Sunday it started with a sharp stabbing pain so bad i had to cup my right breast..and now its just a dull ache in both bbs and a slight burning feeling.. I dont like it!! I never have achey bbs before so i'm getting pretty excited that this is it i could be in the family way.. Other systems I've had leading upto today have been.

1dpo - Bloating/Flatulence & cramping
2dpo - Extreme hungry, Bloating/Flatulence, cramping
3-4dpo - Sore Throat/cold lasted 24hrs, cramping
5dpo - Sluggish, cramping
6dpo - Cramping, bloating and flatulence
7dpo - Bloating/Flatulence & cramping & sharp stabbing in bbs
8-11dpo - Bloating, cramping, dull ache in bbs, dizziness, diarrhoea and thrush...YUK!!!

Im not going crazy am I???

Anywho i've decide to buy some pregnancy strips and do a test before AF comes.

Will keep you guys posted.

tweetmul - The very best to you sweetie... positive thinking all the way

to you all.xxxx

5 years ago

8 dpo today and i as well am over analysing every little thing. I am driving myself crazy and thats what i said i would not do last month after i drove myself nuts. i started having very light cramps 5-6 dpo and they are on and off again. not much cramping at all today after a good morning romp w/hubby. has anyone been having weird dreams?

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