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13 Weeks Pregnant

Hi Ladies,

Just checking to see if anyone is Due in August as well, and if so what are you experiencing? I feel like I'm starting to show. None of my pants fit.

Happy Valentines Day!

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19 Replies • 6 years ago


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i am due in june.. and having a girl....yay

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6 years ago

You know...I wasn't trying to leave you I'm just so tired. Even now I'm supposed to be sleeping but I can't sleep. The pain in my back is keeping my from resting at night and causing more fatigue during the day. I M doing temp work at the moment, so when I come home my day is spent. I be done working in April...yay!

I don't even want to look at my regular clothes. They are disgustingly too tight. I've started wearing maternity clothing little by little as my belly is bulging out a bit already.

They were a bit better at the dr so I gave them another chance. I'm too nice...I've been crying for no apparent reason which is annoying. lol

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6 years ago

Hi vsecrev!

Glad to hear you get out in April! I got layed off a bit ago and then got pregnant, so I'm out! Going to be a stay at home Mom when the Baby is born.

I'm sorry to hear about your back! That's no fun! I hoe it gets better!

I have fatigue still, sore Nipples, and I cry over everything!! And your not alone! None of my jeans fit anymore! They give me muffin top! I think I just look fat not pregnant yet, it's weird.

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6 years ago • Post starter

Hello ladies

I had my scan today and they tell me I am 12 weeks +4, so a few days further along than I thought.

My nausea is much less but I still have moments, I cry at anything, my boobs hurt a bit and are massive!

TTC - a wee girl? How wonderful

Hopeful I am due 26 August by the sonographer's calculations so we aren't too far apart by the looks of things


pregnancy week by week

6 years ago

ttcafterloss: I am also having a girl this June! Have you picked a name yet? I think around the 13 week mark I started looking for maternity pants because my hair band was getting too wide. LOL Congrats to all you ladies and can't wait to find out what you are having!

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6 years ago

Hey hopefuluk,

I'm 14 weeks today and due on 17th August :-)

I'm well and truly showing, look like i've got a football up my top, i have a very pronounced round bump- the midwife just said everyones different when i asked why i'm so big already.

I also have itching on my back, boobs and belly which is quite irritating ( i read its do with the skin stretching).

I get tired alot quicker and exhausted, like i used to be able to go shopping all day now half a day is more than enough :)

Thats about it really, can sometimes get desperately thirsty.... (even though I drink alot during the day).

I cant sleep through the whole night anymore without needing to pee pee!!!

How about your symptoms?

emma xx

6 years ago

Hi Emma!

Congrats on your pregnancy! I will be 14 weeks Monday. I feel relieved you are showing, because I feel a difference in my stomach already, below my belly button is harder and rounder. I was not skinny to begin with, so I have padding already lol. I was curious to know if all you girls were skinny to begin with? I've gained about 5-8 pounds since I found out.

I'm due Aug 22nd, I just cant wait! And I am definitely peeing a lot like you! Getting thirsty too.

Hope to hear from you again!


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6 years ago • Post starter


hope- i have.. her name will be Amandaliz Marie

what about u?

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6 years ago

Hi again

I think everyone thinks I'm crazy except my dh. Those flutters are getting stronger and this time dh could feel it! I don't think it's baby's hand or foot but the whole body shifting since he/she still kind of small. Please someone who's just as far along tell me you know the feeling too.

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6 years ago


I feel those flutters too!! Like bubbles popping in my lower abdomen. I told my DH but I don't think he thinks anything of it lol.

I have a bit of padding on my tummy so I wouldn't be able to feel it on the outside, but I definitely know what you're talking about!

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6 years ago • Post starter

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