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Charting/period.. really confused!

this is my first month charting so I don't know what's normal for me, but so far my temps have been staying about 98.5 F is average. It's day 3 and AF is here, what is the average normal temp around the time of AF?

Also thought I'd add, I've been tracking my periods for around 8 months now, and they have always been 100% predictable with 30 day cycles. This month my period started two days early (was a 28 day cycle), which I though was pretty odd for me, it's also a lot heavier than usual, and more clots. I don't understand what is going on, anyone have any insight as to what could be going on?

I had 28 day cycles before having DD #1, but then it went to 30 day cycles and been that way ever since. It's been 18 months since giving birth, could my cycles be going back to 28 day cycles and that could be why my period started 2 days early?

I also tested a day before my period, what I though was 3 days before my period, and BFN.

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