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Will everything be ok this time?

Hi, last year I had a missed misscarriage and at a scan at 9 weeks I found out the baby stopped growing at 5+4 weeks pregnant! I then didnt actually miscarry till I would have even 12 weeks so just over 6 weeks it was still inside me not growin, I ended up losing 60% of my blood and rushed in to have a d+c and had to be given blood transfusions! Now after a year I finally got another bfp, and now 5+4 weeks and I'm absolutely terrified it will happen again! Last year I felt sick etc but all died down at about 6weeks ( I just thought I was lucky it stopped early) and at the moment the only symptoms I have is slightly tender breast and abit tired and I don't think thats enough symptoms! I'm driving myself mad! I have a early scan in a week but can't see how I can wait till then without going crazy lol! Is it likely to have 2 missed misscarriages in a row a year appart! Thanx for reading my long text and please answer :) x

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its very unlikely for it to happen again!!
i will say lots of prayers and send lots of hugs your way
Im certain everything will be fine:)
Best of luck to you!!!

5 years ago

Im sorry about your loss i recently (tuesday) had one too. But, to put your mind at ease I had no symtoms with my daughter and she is a healthy fifteen year old. Good luck

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5 years ago

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