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trying to have a girl

My husband is wondering is there a way to have a girl. As we have 2 boys and this one will be our last.

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I dont think there is any 100% technique but you could try these.
Good luck

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5 years ago

I am in the exact same boat:-) DH and I have two boys as well and are trying for our 3rd and final and are hoping and praying for a baby girl... I read that the X (girl) sperm swim slower but live longer and the Y(boy) sperm swim and die faster. So we BD every other day starting the week before OV w/ postitions that allow deep penetration. Then a few days before OV we BD every day with missionary. I know it's a long shot but what else can we do. Hope this helps. Good Luck and Sticky Baby Dust 2 U:-)

5 years ago

You guys should read the chapter on this topic in The Impatient Women's Guide to Getting Pregnant. The author reviews the research on timing sex and gender. Basically, she concluded that the common beliefs have it backwards. Sex on ovulation day is more likely to result in female babies, but also miscarriages. It's a great book!

5 years ago

I found an ovulation calendar that lets you put in whether you're wanting a boy or a girl. Then it tells you the days you're most likely to conceive boy or girl.

No idea if it's true or not.

Here is the link:

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5 years ago

Thank you ladies....i tried that ovulation calender and its the same for a boy or girl. thanks though. we are pretty much trying everything we can. nerve racking but will be well worth it to have a lil girl. im also reading the book the impatient womens guide to getting pregnant

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